Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to make your day special


I felt inspired to do another video after I had a particularly enjoyable walk the other day.  I do my best thinking when I'm out strolling!  Today's topic is 'how to make your day special'.  I share my thoughts and in the end you will see that it comes down to two magical questions:

How is this day special? 


How can I make this day more special?

You may remember that in my first two videos I was cat-bombed, so you will be relieved to know that this video is entirely cat-free.  Phew! says everyone.

I'd love to hear your take on this and how you are planning to make today special, or how is today special already?

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  1. Bonjour from Bangkok, Fiona! What a lovely vlog you put and hearing on how you make your day special. Mine would be to enjoy the wind blowing the leaves in the morning since we live along the canal and we get breezes most days. My daughter Tessa loves it and smiles at the birds chirping. Then we would sit down to our enjoy our breakfast. It sure is the little things in your day that makes your day special.

  2. Hi Fiona -- I loved this post. I felt like I was walking along with you (even though it is the start of summer here in NY!). I have been trying to slow down and take in all the things around me and I agree -- it does make the day much more special!

  3. Ping, lovely to hear from you - your day sounds delightful! Bonjour to you in Bangkok.

    Marissa, thank you!

  4. is walking what gives your complexion that radiant glow? your talk made me realize anew that we cannot wait for happiness to come strolling down the street to greet us--we must make it happen!
    Grazie Fiona! Here in L.A. it is hot and humid. how we could use some rain...


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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