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Day 14: Reader Q&A - Jane

Jane from NZ asked:

I'm interested in Tonya's class.  Can you tell us all about it, what you learned, thought of it etc.

Hi Jane, and it’s lovely to have a question from my own country!  In October last year I completed Tonya Leigh’s Slim, Chic & Savvy programme.  At the time it was a big decision, because it’s not a cheap programme to do and I had a lot of anxiety leading up to pressing the payment button.

I’m so glad I did though.  It’s a very thorough course covering many different aspects of living well, and it’s glamorous and fun, which is really important to me.  If you don’t enjoy doing something, then what’s the point?

There are daily lessons sent out Monday to Saturday, both written and audio like Tonya’s weekly blog posts.  Having these bite-sized lessons on audio was (and still is) very complementary to my daily walking.  I was getting healthier and enriching my mind all at the same time, and neither was a chore.  What I like about Tonya is that she isn’t just the fluffy stuff, she has master life coach training and works on the underlying issues as well. 

A fantastic part of the course are the weekly group coaching calls that run for about an hour.  Everyone dials in from all around the world (we’re with Spark at home, so I could call the US for up to two hours for $5) and you can ask a question that you’d like to be coached around, then spend the rest of the time listening to others being coached.  So many questions and scenarios the other ladies talked about rang true for me so it was really helpful.

As part of the daily lessons there are also fun assignments to do.  Some involve answering probing questions and others are about getting out there and doing things (no-one needs to know what you are doing though, you can keep your course participation to yourself if you want.  Only my husband knew I was doing it at the time). 

It doesn’t matter if you miss a day because you have lifelong access to the programme once you’ve joined.  I’ve saved all the information and audio recordings to my computer so I can go back and revisit lessons at any time.  I almost couldn’t wait for the course to end so that I could go straight back to the beginning and go through each lesson again in my own time and make sure I’d completely done each assignment!

And you can also take the course again every time it runs.  You get to listen in to the new coaching calls too so there is always more information to learn from.

Joining the Slim, Chic and Savvy course is something you’d want to give a lot of thought to.  It’s a decent price, as I said, and it’s also something you have to want to commit to.  You will need to put time aside each day or each week to go through the lessons, but it’s not a chore at all. 

Commit to doing all the exercises, even if you think they sound silly.  Some assignments I thought I’d skip, I then reminded myself of my decision to do everything, and ended up really enjoying them and got a lot out of them.

Slim, Chic and Savvy starts up again very soon, and to promote it Tonya has produced a free video series ‘The 3 Truths of ElegantWomen’.  Anyone that is interested in Tonya’s work would really enjoy it I think.

What I have gained by doing this course?  Most of my change has been on the inside.  I’m already the kind of person who loves to be well-groomed and enjoys dressing with care (although I have upped that too).  Through Tonya’s lessons and coaching I have learned how mindset is the most important thing, and that I can change what I do by cultivating new thoughts. 

Learning how to change the things I do automatically (the habits I don’t like, that is) has been quite revolutionary for me.  And I’m still learning, I’m certainly not perfect yet.  I still struggle with things sometimes.  But I pick myself up much sooner and say to myself ‘what’s happening here, let’s get to the bottom of it’.

I’ve also found that I could be reading something by another author and it all links back to something Tonya said and everything clicks beautifully into place.  I especially love it when that happens and it’s happened quite a lot!

I hope I’ve answered everything you were wondering about the Slim, Chic and Savvy course Jane, please let me know in the comments section if you have any other questions about the programme. 

Disclaimer.  I am an Ambassador for Tonya Leigh, so the links in this post have my own code.  There is no monetary payment, however Tonya does a prize draw each week.


  1. Hi Fiona, thanks for such a comprehensive answer. I'd love to do this course, but am not sure i'd be able to find the time. What sort of topics does she cover


  2. Jane, these are the ten modules:

    Week 1: Finding out your sweet spot
    Week 2: Having the right mindset
    Week 3: Being honest with yourself
    Week 4: Setting up good routines and rituals
    Week 5: Ridding your life of the excess
    Week 6: The important of self-love
    Week 7: Finding pleasure in your life
    Week 8: Finding out your delights
    Week 9: Personal style
    Week 10: Wrapping up the course

    It's not 'tons' of work/time, but to get the most out of the course you need to do the exercises and not just read about them.

  3. thanks for that info Fiona


  4. Thanks so much for this post - Fiona - i was womdering how you found it too - i am also in NZ :) Was it very american? And were many of thae participants from other countries? I love Tonya's podcasts but worry about whether it is worth the price - espacially as my husband was made redundant last week and we need to watch our pennies at the moment....

    Aisling x

  5. Hi Aisling, I'm sorry to hear about your husband's job. I agree, the course is a lot of money. I loved doing it and gained from it, however I would not recommend it if money is tight. There are other priorities that would come first if I was in your shoes. There were participants from quite a few other countries, however the majority of ladies were from the US. It was a bit American, but I didn't mind that. You can easily get the flavour of Tonya from her website to see whether she is 'you' or not. Good luck on the job front. Could you email me please? howtobechic at gmail dot com.

  6. Hi Fiona,

    What a lovely surprise to see you featuring Slim, Chic and Savvy. You already know that I am a huge fan of yours! Thank you for being such a beautiful example of chic living.

    And, if any of your ladies have questions about the program, they are more than welcome to email us at

    Cheers to Living Chic and Well,



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