Saturday, June 8, 2024

THE most beautiful sunset, doggie art, and living the glam life!

Dear chic friends,

We had the most beautiful sunset the other night! Isn't it incredible? I promise I haven’t added colour to this photo ☺️

We missed out seeing any of the aurora lights a few weeks back, so I feel this is an excellent consolation prize! πŸ§‘πŸ©·πŸ’›


My sister Catherine painted the most beautiful picture of mum’s dog Milly who recently passed away (aged almost 17). The painting was based on a car photo taken a number of years ago when dad’s dog Tilly was still alive too (she’s the corgi ish doggie below 🧑)

I remember that day driving around with four dogs in my car πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Such fun!

Plus, how talented is my sister! You can see her art here on Instagram.


And to finish, let's talk about living the glam life shall we 😍😍 Who’s with me?

In Chapter 20 ‘Your glam life starts now’ I detail how you can live your glam life today, and every day, by becoming someone who:

• Looks for the positive as much as possible.

• Talks everything up.

• Chooses beauty to surround herself with.

• Endeavours to be a bright ray of sunshine every day.

• Applies a golden-rose filter to how she views things.

• Elevates all areas in her life with a dash of glamour.

• Ignites all her senses – she actually goes through them and sees that she is enhancing her experience in each area: What’s in her line of vision, check! What she hears, check! The scents around her, check! How something feels on her skin, check! The tastes she treats herself to, check! And the thoughts in her mind – they are positive and uplifting. Check!

• Goes through her schedule: Where she spends her time, who she is with and how she is dressed and makes it even more special. She takes it over the top, in a good way.

• Acts in alignment with her ideal self. When something feels a little off, she finds out why and sorts it. She keeps her peace of mind this way.

• Chooses the glamour route and is happy to expend that little bit more effort because she knows it’s worth it.

Sometimes the glamour route does take more effort. Remember, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Don’t be average and your life won’t be average. You are next-level. Not everyone can have your glamorous life and of course not everyone will want it, but you do. You love to enjoy your daily life and you let yourself do that in perhaps an unconventional way.


I hope you enjoyed this little pep talk today! I loved writing ‘The Glam Life’. It was so much fun to dream big and be a little over-the-top.

It’s out now on Audible as well as on Kindle and in print. You can see it at my Amazon affiliate link (here) or in my eStore here for an Amazon alternative (eBook and audiobook).

Wishing you a wonderfully glam day today!
 xx Fiona


  1. That sunset is brilliant! I also missed the aurora borealis in my area when it happened a few weeks ago; I live in the US, in west Tennessee. As it happened here, the colors weren't very vivid, but the phones cameras were what picked up all the colors you couldn't see with your own eyes. Isn't that amazing? Thanks for sharing and inspiring me every time I read a book of yours!

    1. So fascinating about phone colours, Jennifer. I often find it's the opposite, when I see a beautiful sky, or a green view, it's much nicer through my eyes than the photo. The sunset on this post notwithstanding - it was perfect both ways!

  2. Beautiful sunset!
    Oh I could do with some glamour in my life right now.
    I'm getting my home ready for selling. I live in a flat, it is lovely with a fantastic view, but the legal side needs sorting due to crazy UK Laws and mortgage companies being risk averse. Grrrrr! The more I dig and read, the worse it gets. I will just have to be patient, it will sell eventually, but will I still be alive to see the day :)
    Note to self - re-read Fiona's sentence about positive thinking.

    1. Good luck with your flat sale, here's to a swift and profitable sale :)


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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