Saturday, June 15, 2024

A new podcast interview :)


Dear chic friends,
I was lucky enough to be the first guest on this lovely new podcast called 'Pockets of Joy' with Niamh O'Connell.

You can watch it on YouTube (click below), or find wherever you listen to your podcasts.

It was such a fun chat, I really enjoyed it. Thank you Niamh for having me on your new show!


Last Monday was such a mild, breezy day it's hard to believe we're into winter now. I went for a lovely long walk without the doggies. It was all about me-me-me (and they'd already been for two walks that day 😊).

I got to stride it out (in a relaxed manner of course), listening to a podcast with my new excellent bluetooth headband from Aliexpress. Best $5 I've spent I think!

It's better than my airpods for walking too, because I can hear everything even if it's windy.

I love walking outside so much. It's good for the soul with the fresh air, nature, and vitamin D. Life is good!

Do you love walking outdoors too? It's such an antidote to being inside 😊

(This is the headband I bought here if you are interested! It charged up quickly and has lasted two 40-minute walks so far on one charge. And it only took about a week to be delivered. Amazing!)


I finished this jigsaw puzzle and I honestly didn't think I could! It's the prettiest picture and colours, set in Provence. That's why I chose it, but I didn't look at the wash of colour in the foreground. It was a difficult one for sure, but I picked away at it and put bits in now and then, and now it's finished!

(This puzzle was a thrifted one in quite an old looking box, and I was worried it would have a piece missing but all 500 pieces were there. Hoorah! The first thrifted puzzle I did was missing a piece right in the middle. Boo! It's a roll of the dice for sure 🤣)

I think puzzles are a great way to approach life too. There are goals we want to achieve that we think we'll never arrive at, but if we just keep doing a little bit each day and re-remember what we want, we'll get there. Sometimes it's the remembering what I want that's hardest. I have goal amnesia all the time!

I feel a bit the same about my audiobooks as I do about jigsaw puzzles haha. I'm recording them one at a time, and because there is no ordering data readily available I have no idea if anyone is even listening to them! But I just keep on going, finish one book and go onto the next. I know people definitely can't listen to them if they don't exist, so I make them exist.

The most recent of my audiobooks to be released is here on Amazon or in my eStore.

'Thirty More Chic Days' is about creating an inspired mindset for a magical life. There really is something wonderful that can be brought to life when you combine practical actions with a positive and optimistic state of mind.

I love to pump myself up mentally and emotionally if I'm feeling flat, and taking action in my surroundings or with myself at the same time. It is indeed almost magical when you can feel more activated and happy within a relatively short time.

You can listen to this audiobook wherever you usually get your audiobooks, and you can even ask your library to order it in and listen for free!

And in select countries where it is available, you can listen for free on Spotify Premium too.

I hope you have a great weekend!

xx Fiona

(My Amazon links are affiliate, which means I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. I’m grateful if you choose to use my link!)

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