Saturday, April 27, 2024

Autumn fashion, and more audiobooks!

 Hello from sunny Hawke's Bay, New Zealand in the Autumn!

It's still warm so I'm making the most of wearing my summer sandals because I know it will be cozy clothes weather soon enough 😊

I have been 'hard at work' (lol) writing this week, and recording audiobooks too. I've just completed The Glam Life today, and The Peaceful Life last week. I love the way the audiobook covers look!

They take a few weeks to filter through, but you can always check Audible to see what's available so far.

And of course they are available sooner in my eStore as an MP3 download. (The Glam Life will be uploaded there tomorrow).


Next up for recording will be Thirty More Chic Days and Thirty Chic Days Vol. 3. I hope you are enjoying the audiobooks if you have listened to any of them!

And I finished my puzzle last weekend! Sundays have become my puzzle days. It feels nice to have fun rituals like this in place. I do little bits of my puzzle here and there during the week, but Sundays are a day of rest to me and I think for many others, no matter our religion. On a Sunday I can noodle around with my puzzle guilt-free 😊

Sundays are a chance to relax and recharge for the week ahead. It's nice to go into Monday fresh and rested, and organised too. I like to get my planner out and look at the week ahead, putting in any appointments and writing out a few goals for the week.

I really like the quality of the Galison puzzles, this is the second one I have done of theirs.

This one is 'Autumn in the Neighborhood'
(here on Amazon)

and the other was 'Christmas in London'
(here on Amazon)


What do you like to do on a Sunday? And are you a planner for the week? Do you like to go out? Stay home?

This afternoon I am going out for a ladies coffee date so that will be enjoyable. My husband Paul is staying at home to look after the children 🤣 aka three naughty doggies and a cat who likes to be fed any time she feels like it (to be fair she is 12 years old and very thin, so we always indulge her 🥰)

I feel like I've been a bit of a hermit these past few weeks. I mean, normally I love being at home but it's been a lot, even for me😂

What can I say, I've just been doing a lot of writing and recording lately.

I know it's been a long time since my last new book - November! - but I promise I have more coming. I am writing two at the moment, it's just how I roll. Whichever one is the most enticing for me at the time is the one that gets worked on.

Happy weekend to you, I hope you have a good one.

xx Fiona

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  1. Hi! I like to go to our Episcopal Church and hear our cathedral choir sing. They are amazing. And our organist is top notch - then I like to go to coffee hour and chat with a few of the parishioners. Then come home and get in my comfiest of clothes and do a few things that are easy for meal prep and Sunday dinner. Then do whatever the mood strikes. Nap? Walk? Watch a series? I love your idea on puzzles. And I would like to really get my Saturdays and Sundays to where I really enjoy them! I love routine and the work week provides that but weekends sometimes I'm a little confused on what to do. Love your blog and books! Jennifer

    1. I know what you mean, Jennifer. Weekend days aren't structured like weekdays are, so it's nice to have the freedom, but then we can feel confused (even if a little bit) like you say. We need fun routines for the weekend! Or at least a loose idea of what we'd love to do etc.

  2. Yes, I've now resorted to writing in my "To Do's" for the week - in my planner - PLAN MY WEEKEND. Also, I find if I don't plan my weekends then someone else might plan it for me and then that means that I'm possibly doing something I don't want to do per say. LOL So it is important to have a great weekend full of things that I want to do and also keep up some of the weekly daily routines on the weekends so I have some sort of routine. In other words... Keep my weekly morning and evening routines even on the weekends...

    I spy possibly a good chapter of this very subject in your next book! LOL Thanks Fiona! :)

    1. I agree on your all points Jennifer, especially 'if you don't plan something out someone else will'. There can be a list of fun plans to choose from, within the framework of your ideal weekend day, sandwiched by your morning and evening routines as you say.

      I will credit you in the chapter :D


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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