Saturday, April 20, 2024

Simple days at home :)

Hello chic friends!
This is little Nina cat heading towards our patio area. She always uses the concrete edging as a path, and the doggies do too. It's so cute how they do that!
I have started doing something that makes me more likely to use the beautiful fresh herbs that are growing outside my kitchen door.

I purposely placed the raised planter box near my kitchen so it would be easier to pick the herbs. But when I'm cooking and doing a lot of different things at once, to go outside, pick the herbs I want, wash and dry then chop them... well, I still had a barrier, so often I would skip using the herbs.

I found a way to remove that barrier and now, maybe once a week, I go out and pick different herbs, wash and dry them in my salad spinner (you NEED a salad spinner, it will make you like salad more!), then store in a container lined with paper towels.


I'm telling you, it is such a treat to go into your own beautiful herb store and pick out which herbs you want for that meal. You will feel more European, more elegant, like a proper chef, and healthier too. Plus, your meals will have that added je ne sais quoi with fresh herbs.

And even if you don't have a herb garden, doing this with your purchased fresh herbs will mean they last longer and you are more likely to use them all up, versus leaving them unwashed in a plastic bag to be forgotten about in your vegetable crisper.

Have I convinced you yet? 😂😂

Fresh herbs taste so different and so much better than dried herbs. Fresh herbs are rarely overpowering but I do find dried herbs can be easy to OD on.

Look at all that green goodness in my container!

I had to include a picture of my book '100 Ways to Live a Luxurious Life on a Budget' because using fresh herbs is tip no. 31 in the list 😊

I love mint in my smoothies, curly parsley in my scrambled eggs, and chives in a salad. Yum!
In my office this week 😊


I have been recording another audiobook, and am busy writing on my next book too. It's so fun being creative. Thank you for allowing me to do this!

I really do appreciate every single book order, whether it's Kindle, paperback, or audiobook, and if you leave a review as well.

I don't take it for granted, and I always try to do my best for you. And , I'm open to feedback about anything I can do better also. You can always email me: fiona at howtobechic dot com.
I hope you have a great weekend!

xx Fiona

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Please share this email with a friend who you think might like my books too! With thanks!

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