Saturday, May 4, 2024

Baby Day and baking a cake

Hello chic friends,
I saw on Brian Tracy’s Facebook page that it’s National Baby day!

I found this photo of me with my cousins (and a random foot on my chair πŸ˜‚).

I had lots of cousins on my dad’s side but was the first grandchild on my mum’s side.

Both my parents had very dark almost black hair and they ended up with a white blonde baby!

Mum said I would wake up with my hair a birds nest at the back and she had special detangling spray sent over from Australia to sort it out πŸ˜…

Have you shared your baby photo? Please let me know!

And... I baked a cake! Okay, the icing was a little... stiff... but I made this all from scratch. Normally it's a box cake for me!

It's the classic Edmonds chocolate cake, and I remember my mum baking this just about every Sunday throughout my childhood.

I made it because I had neighbours coming around for morning tea, a lovely couple.

Then, because my mum said it's best eaten fresh (it is quite a light and airy cake), I invited her and my aunty over for afternoon tea. I also sent them home with a piece for after dinner, and we managed to get through the whole cake in one day, haha. It was a very social day, and all for a cake!

I love it when spontaneous plans turn out fun and a little bit silly (in a good way).

The cake was good but I think I need to work on my icing 😊

If you want to have a go, I've photographed the recipe. I made mine gluten-free since I’m celiac. I just replaced the flour with my gluten-free flour (it’s a general baking mix) and it worked out perfectly! Normal people couldn’t even tell 😊

The Edmonds cookbook is a classic New Zealand publication, and I particularly like that this edition is spiral-bound and lies flat on the kitchen counter, or I can fold it back and only have one page showing. I've been working my way through the chapters making different cakes and slices as I have guests around!

What’s the go-to recipe book ‘from way back’ in your country?
 Have a great weekend!

xx Fiona


  1. My oldest ones were a red, white and blue Betty Crocker Cookbook and I inherited my mom’s 60’s-70’s Time Foods Around The World subscription books of amazing cookbooks. They not only gave you amazing recipes but also told you things about the region that they came from like Japan, China, Russia, Germany, France, etc. It’s one of my favorites!

    My hair was also white until about 6th grade. My brother’s was and is dark brown. They used to joke about mine as my dad’s was black and my moms for brown.

    That cake looks yum. Unfortunately I no longer eat sweets and my son doesn’t like chocolate. I find that unbelievably strange because I was a chocoholic πŸ˜ƒ

    1. That's really cool that you have your mum's cookbooks too, Nan!

  2. Hi Fiona, this morning I went to buy some new sunglasses. I was torn between two pairs, one was the large black cat's eye type and the other a simple gold framed pair. I would usually have gone with the cat's eye ones, but I've recently been re-reading your luxurious life on a budget book where you advise us to add a touch of luxury by incorporating elements of gold into our accessories so I have brought a touch of luxury into my life by buying the gold ones. I really like them. (And they do feel more luxurious, too.😎)


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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