Thursday, October 12, 2023

Dining at home - what to wear?

Hello chic friends!
I call this photo :: Dîner pour deux à la maison ::

And "the lady of the house wore black satin pyjamas"
I love having nice home loungewear, and treated myself to these PJs from Victoria's Secret when we were in Hawaii a few months back. I also bought a set in hot pink.


Does wearing my nicest and newest loungewear for dinner at home on a Saturday night count as dressing up? I'm asking for a friend :)

I hope you are having a lovely week so far.
I really enjoyed reading all the 'how did you meet' stories on my last post. It was so cool to see the variety of ways. And if you missed out sharing, please share today!


Thank you for ordering my newest book and keeping it in the 'Skincare' bestseller list. I hope it is a relaxing and peaceful read for you.

In the final chapter at the end, '21 ways to make your home a calm haven', number 17 is this:

"Think ‘wellbeing’ when you are looking around your home, and ask yourself how you can infuse a sense of wellbeing into each room. Can you make a cozy corner for yourself somewhere? Is your kitchen stocked with healthy foods? Is your bedroom tidy and ready for a restful sleep?"

I love to use this tip to make my home calm and welcoming. It feels so good! Not only for guests, but me too. I know my husband Paul appreciates it, and I'm sure my pets pick up on the energy as well.

Have a happy day!

xx Fiona

PS. You can find this book in paperback and on Kindle at my affiliate Amazon link here.

And the eBook in my eStore for an Amazon alternative.




  1. Pretty lady and pretty china!

  2. Love your loungewear! Such a classy 1940’s vibe! In my opinion, they are definitely dress up. Love the dishes, food and tip! Sam how I missed the previous post, so I’m going over there now!

  3. Gorgeous, Fiona! My lounge wear needs a serious upscale, to be honest, & you made me realize we've gotten quite lazy about how we dress for dinner (in short: we don't). Or how we set our table. For many years when we were both working crazy hours we had regular date nights, then we retired & seem to have retired that habit as well. It might be time to bring it back! Thanks for the inspiration.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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