Friday, September 29, 2023

New book out today!

Today is a new book day! I'm thrilled to share my latest release with you. If you'll remember back to July, I did my 'Serene Spa July' series, and many lovely ladies wanted it to be made into a book, so here we are!

The July series only went up to less than 20 days before I ran out of month :) so I carried on writing, and polished everything up and now we have a new mini-book.


If you wish you had the budget to indulge in pricey treatments at a high-end spa for a little time-out… with ‘30 Chic Days at Home Vol. 2’ you can bring the feeling of luxury and relaxation into your home life for free. Feel rejuvenated and peaceful as you build rituals and practices into your everyday life to bring about the ambience and romance of the spa lifestyle.

In this quick-to-read book, you will learn how to:

~ Enjoy your time at home more
~ Create a peaceful and calm haven for yourself and your family
~ Provide a luxuriously healthy environment for the people you love
~ Be creative in how you relax and unwind
~ Increase beauty and order in your home

You will find dozens of suggestions, tips and ideas to live well without spending a lot of extra time or money.

Feel soothed every day. Elevate your happiness. Attract others to you with your laid-back demeanour. Reduce stress and feel calmer. Sleep better!

All these things can be yours when you put into practice all the ideas from this book. Delight in your power to create a life that is exactly as you'd love it to be.


I really hope you enjoy it!

You can download the Kindle version and order the paperback copy too, at my affiliate Amazon link here.
(The paperback says ‘out of stock’ for me, but this will just be a temporary thing since the book is so new. Amazon prints on demand, so please hang tight if you see ‘out of stock’ too!)

And the eBook is in my eStore for an Amazon alternative.

Happy reading, and thank you if you pick up my new book!

xx Fiona

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  1. I’m so excited for the new book. Can’t wait to dive into it then apply what I learn.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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