Thursday, September 21, 2023

This month's book sale! And my spring style :)

Greetings from a sunny - and breezy! - Hawke's Bay.

To me, it's normal to live in a tiny country at the bottom of the world. But to many of you, it's quite the novelty.

I have travelled a little bit, and even considered living overseas at certain stages - only for a second though.

For my style - a self-confessed homebody who loves to go on holiday but LOVES to come home afterwards, I'd probably be so homesick anywhere else!

New Zealand is very pretty, and green. I feel fortunate to have grown up here. And, that we speak English. This a big one in this global world we live in now. Especially writing and publishing my books.

So anyway, just saying hi in my outfit of the day. I love my 'uniform' of a pretty boho style blouse, slim jeans and colourful shoes. There are endless combos in my wardrobe :)


It's so nice and warm with our spring weather to sit down on the hill in our paddock when I walk the dogs, just for a few minutes.

A few times I've made my own 'slant board' and lain down, head downhill and feet up. It's good for your spine, and for your head to be below your heart too, according to my old yoga teacher.

I do worry if someone is working in the orchard or driving along the driveway at the bottom of our paddock though, and they saw someone lying in the paddock upside down they might worry I've had a terrible accident...

One day when I had a lie in the sun I opened my eyes and had no dogs, whereas I normally have three. They obviously lost me in the long grass and headed back to the paddock gate where they all were waiting. So cute! But also not very caring :) I think they were more worried about how they were going to get their dinner.

Can you see white Micky dog in the upper left of the picture? He's near the two piles of firewood from a tree that came down in the February cyclone. Unfortunately it fell on a fence and did a lot of damage. Why couldn't it have fallen in the other direction? That would have been far more convenient!

I’ve been enjoying holding my little mini-sales and sharing the love each month lately. So for this month I thought it would be fun to include both of my seasonal books, since some of us are heading into summer and some into winter!

For the next week or so, these two titles are $2.99 on Kindle, and the paperbacks are reduced as well. If you haven’t read them, I warmly invite you to do so now. They are packed with tips and inspiration on how to navigate each season and focus on what you can do to make them even more wonderful, as well as ways in which you can deal with the less comfortable aspects of the season.

And, if you have read them, I’d love it if you’d share my sale with a like-minded friend. Or maybe you have neither and want to buy them while they’re on special. I get it, I’m a thrifty savvy girl too and I love a good sale!

I hope you have fun dreaming and planning of the upcoming season. I am so happy for spring and summer. The weather is warming up nicely and I’m getting to wear my colourful spring tops again, plus I bought a few new ones in the sales at the end of last summer. Yay!

Have a fab day, and I will too! I've just finished a book, so the editing and proofreading starts now. I can't wait for you to read it. And I have two others half completed as well. Finishing a book always gives me a boost so I will use this turbo-charge to finish my other two also. Yay!
And thanks so much if you get yourself a sale book!
 xx Fiona

PS.You can find both of my sale books at my Amazon affiliate link here.

And the eBooks are on special too in my eStore, for an Amazon alternative.

Happy reading!

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