Thursday, November 10, 2022

Our 'new' house :)

Do you remember a while back I mentioned that we were going to have our home painted? Well, it’s finished! 


 It feels like we are living in a new home :)

You can see the difference from the lighter colour it used to be in these photos.

Our house really is living The Glam Life now! 


And if you haven't already seen it, I released my newest book last week - ‘100 Ways to Live a European Inspired Life’.

I always enjoy the week after releasing a new title. It is a time of extra space, and a sort of vacuum because the book has been 'signed off'. It is like that with any project I'm sure you will agree. There is a fantastic feeling you get when something is completed in its entirety, with any extra loose ends all tied up neatly.

I always tell myself that I will take the time in between books to get my house 'perfectly' in order and all my financial admin up to date, but the truth is I just want to dive into the next book!

And I do already have a book 2/3 written, another 100 Ways book, so I will focus on that and get it finished too. I do this, work on more than one book at once as the ideas come along. It's no use trying to do otherwise. I just go with the flow!

And finally, for our wrap up this week, pretty roses from our garden.

It's been a warm and sunny week... up until today. And I've had nothing to do except what I want to do - write, drop my library books off, walk the dogs in the sunshine. It's my favourite kind of day when you get to make your own plans. The bliss of it!

I'm sending happy thoughts to you :)

xx Fiona




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  1. It’s a stunning color, very chic!

  2. Looks great! I’m wondering if you’re going to paint the white door an interesting color or just a different color?

    1. I chose high gloss white to go with the dark house :) But it can be repainted at any time because it's only one small piece. Imagine bright glossy red, or bright glossy cobalt blue. Or deep green. Such fun!

  3. Wow. The house has modern lines, but that color really makes it look like a brand-new house, doesn't it? It's gorgeous!

  4. Love the color—makes your house look new and modern. Got two of your books recently, and love them.

  5. I rejoice with you, Fiona! Your house is truly transformed and very elegant in the setting. This color is a brilliant choice.

  6. The darker colour looks fabulous. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Oh the glamour of it all!

  8. You are so looks like a brand new house! Fabulous - enjoy!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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