Thursday, August 25, 2022

Spring in New Zealand, and pancakes on the weekend?

Hello chic friends!
Spring is in the air here in Hawke's Bay!

It’s been so mild lately. I’m sure we still have some cold weather to come but it’s getting warmer. It's so nice to feel summery after a long winter (even though I love being cozy when it’s cold outside) and last summer not being great.

I am officially dreaming of warmer days to come
To celebrate, I made pancakes for brunch on Sunday. It has been years, possibly decades since I last had pancakes. They were delicious! But I am happy not to have them again for a while, lol. The stodge factor is high :)

I had maple syrup and butter on mine, and my husband Paul had lemon juice and sugar.

Making a special breakfast at home is one my favourite ways to be 'thrifty chic'. We used to go out just about every Sunday for brunch, but eating at home is just as nice, and far more exclusive :)

I reckon we saved $50 with our at-home brunch. Plus we got to choose the music, the dogs could come too, and there were no other people to annoy us!

I used this recipe here. And made adjustments, like I always do :)

I used 1C of Edmonds self-raising GF flour rather than plain GF flour and baking powder, butter instead of coconut oil, and I ended up adding 1C extra of milk as I whisked so the batter would be thinner.

I'm sure you could use normal non-gluten-free flour if you aren't GF.

And finally, we visited my brother’s store Interior Warehouse in Napier, to choose a gift and Chloe made herself right at home...

Also, cutely, her cousin Micky dog is peeking out on the right side of the photo from behind the sofa. He has such a happy smile and it shows his sweet nature.

Micky is a part-time shop dog and enjoys greeting customers and napping too.

Wishing you a wonderful day. I am staying home ALL DAY and writing. That’s the best kind of day in my book!

xx Fiona

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  1. Chloe has excellent taste in home furnishings. I would pick that sofa, too!


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