Thursday, August 4, 2022

My Weekly Wrap-Up :)

Hello chic friends!
While in Auckland the other weekend we had a work event and I got to met the host for the night, Hilary Barry, one of New Zealand's most popular tv presenters.

I was happy to find that she is as friendly and delightful in person as on the telly.

It was a fun and glamorous night. It's so nice to dress up and sip bubbles of an evening!

I had my Zara 'Chanel' jacket on :)


Poor sweet Jessica cat has a bad head cold and fever! I noticed on Friday night she was sneezing a lot and her eyes were running, so I thankfully got a vet appointment on Saturday afternoon.

The vet said he really felt for her as he'd just had Covid, and it wasn't nice being so stuffed up and trying to breathe. Apart from that he said she was good though, so she is now on medicine to help. She looks better already.

I really don't know how on earth a cat who never leaves the house could catch a cold, but she did! She's almost finished her medicine and looks like she is feeling much better, thankfully.


And in book news, I am partway through my next book, but have been not writing for it as much. Even though I love the topic and got off to a good start, I'm not in the zone for it right now.

So I shall explore other book projects :)

I do this, and have started and partially completed books ready to go. It works well for me to flow between them.

So today will be a fun look through everything to see what sparks my interest. I love that I have this flexibility, and it is also why I don't announce what a book is going to be until I have completed it and are in the editing phase. 'Book content is liable to change at short notice'!

It's all part of the creative brain. I used to judge myself and wonder why I couldn't 'stick' to something from beginning to end, and sometimes I can. But for my writing to truly be magical to me (and hopefully you), I have to be true to myself and write from the heart.

And as we all know, the heart wants what the heart wants!

When I start reading through a previously started project or get a lightening bolt for a new one and I get all excited and tingly, that's when I know it's the one.


And a little soothing scene to end. Cheese, crackers and olives set out. Candles lit. Music playing. A clean and tidy home staged 'just so'. Perfect and peaceful. It's so nice to relax in those few minutes before guests arrive!

xx Fiona

PS. You can find all my books here on Amazon.
A display of my books at my brother's beautiful furniture and homewares store 'Interior Warehouse' in Napier.


(I am an Amazon affiliate which means I may make a small commission on items you buy through my links, at no extra cost to you.)

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