Thursday, August 18, 2022

Glamming up your day, and my skincare regime

Me, getting out for a brisky walk in icy winds straight from the South Pole. It’s amazing how good it feels to be outside even if I’m glad to get home before my fingers freeze.

When I lived in the city and it was a lot more built up, going for a walk outside still helped me feel reset.

My icy walk was so enjoyable that I forgot to turn on something to listen to - it was nice to have time to think and ruminate :)

In the summer when it is too hot most of the day I either go out very early, or after dinner is a lovely time to stroll too.

Nothing beats nature for an energy refresh!



:: How I care for my skin ::

I always get a lot of questions about my skincare regime. Lucky this is one of my favourite topics, so here goes!

(Day 17 'Take Exquisite Care of Your Grooming' in my book 'Thirty Chic Days' also talks about how I take care of my skin, so check that out if you want to).

Since the age of 13, almost forty years ago, I have been cleansing and moisturising my skin twice a day thanks to my mother's influence. Not only do I have her to thank for this, but also her genes since she has lovely skin as well.

I don't use expensive skincare, just whatever looks nice and is on special at the supermarket. Occasionally I get Estee Lauder, my favourite luxury brand, but not often.

I have always drunk tons of water, and I eat good fats too such as avocado, raw nuts etc.

I was never a big sunbather so that probably helped. And I use an SPF in both my moisturiser and foundation.

Speaking of foundation, I have worn this since a young age too, and wonder if it makes a difference. It would have to, being an extra layer of protection against the wind, sun, pollution etc.

Back in my teens I had a water-based Clinique foundation that you had to shake to combine each time you used it (thanks again, mum for buying it for me!) or a tinted moisturiser. Now I use Estee Lauder's DoubleWear, which I love to apply with a foundation brush. I might try something new next but I do love the coverage of DoubleWear.

I also like to not stress myself too much which I think shows on your face. You can't avoid stress totally, but choosing to be low-key, calm, relaxed, drama-free etc definitely helps me deal with things. And I try to focus on the 'nice' things in life.

I go walking, either outside or on my treadmill, and the blood pumping around even on a leisurely stroll must help one's complexion I always think.

So really, it's a combination of a lot of different things, plus the concept of 'Little and Often' (which is next in 'Thirty Chic Days' after the grooming chapter). I do little things such as cleanse my face, drink water, moisturise lots, eat good foods, be happy as much as possible, daily walks. It all adds up.


Who is up for a little 'glam life' today? It's Thursday here, maybe Wednesday for you. Not the most 'fun' day of the week I'm sure you will agree, but it's almost the weekend!

So let's all put a little extra pizzazz into our day today, whether it's morning for you like it is here in New Zealand, or later in the day.

I'm still in my gym gear, about to go for a walk soon, but after that and my shower I will be choosing something to wear that makes me feel extra good (but still suitable for home wear). I'll do my hair and makeup, and some perfume of course, and put my 'diamond' stud earrings on. I don't wear my watch or any rings at home, I like my hands to be bare, but I always have earrings on.

And I am going to tidy up loose ends as well as do my writing. I always feel SO much more put together and yes, glam, when there aren't little messes or undone admin all around. It makes such a difference.

Earlier in the week I felt like glamming it up too, and I met my mother in town for a coffee. I chose black and denim, with a chunky gold necklace, and of course my mum turned up in a black top with a silver necklace over top of it. We often turn up in similar things...

I hope you feel inspired to make your day (or evening) even 1% more glamorous too.

xx Fiona

PS. Of course, you can find The Glam Life here at my Amazon Affiliate link if you haven't already read it!

PPS. Another fab review :) Thank you!

"Another fire cracker of a book from Fiona. I am always inspired when reading these nuggets of chic and glamour. This one had a phrase that stayed with me the whole way through - “move in silence” - where we make plans and live life without feeling the need to tell everyone. Instead we show them! And of course, always add double the amount of mascara you think you need! Bat those eyelids on this glam world, take a sip of something comforting and enjoy Fiona’s books…all of them! You’ll be glad you did (not to mention more chic, more organised and definitely more glamorous)."


  1. This is really good. I always find it interesting how people take care of their skin. At my age, I am so grateful I stayed out of the sun on my face (thanks mom) for years. I started in my 20s. And yes, stress will show up on your face. After Leland died I could not believe what happened to my face. But as time goes by (and I use hyaluronic acid and Argan oil on my face), I am finding my way back to a better skin. I stopped wearing foundation except for special occasions. My face really doesn’t need it and I’ve seen enough about the damage makeup can do. I always wear mascara because my eyelashes are blonde. I look at your skin and you don’t need anything; your skin is so beautiful

  2. I've always cleansed my skin twice a day and use moisturizer; it looks pretty good for my advanced age. Still, I have "sr. citizen acne" and I'm allergic to almost everything, including shampoos. For most of my life I was allergic to nothing. CeraVe products cause the fewest problems. Your skin is lovely; may it always be so.

  3. This is a beautiful shot of you, Fiona! So natural and glowy! ~~MJ~~


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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