Thursday, June 9, 2022

How I spend a typical day, and a new book on pre-order!

Hello everyone! I'm trying something new and different (for me!), and have my new book 'The Glam Life' available for pre-order!

You can see it at my Amazon affiliate link here.

It comes out on the 21st of June - so exciting!

I loved every minute of writing The Glam Life. It was such fun, and I could really let my fantasies fly. I was zapped with a bolt of inspiration last November, and I remember it clearly because I was waiting at the chemist for something. I had to quickly whip out my phone and start making notes into an email to myself. I basically outlined the book in that time and couldn't wait to get home to start writing it!

About 3/4 of it was completed before Christmas, but then other books pushed in and jumped to the front of the queue. How rude!

But she's here now, and she's fabulous darling. She is finished and I'm just doing the final read-throughs.

You can't look inside the book yet, but the book is 170 pages long, and the chapters so juicy! Here they are, for a little sneak peek:

Chapter 1. Why glamour?
Chapter 2. Choose a glittering vision for your life
Chapter 3. Cultivate a luxurious state of mind
Chapter 4. Have an air of mystery
Chapter 5. Create a life full of vibrant rich health
Chapter 6. A home environment of ease and elegance
Chapter 7. Beautify your space
Chapter 8. Inspire dazzling confidence in yourself
Chapter 9. Dress for your dreams
Chapter 10. Create an at-home vacation-every-day feeling
Chapter 11. Cultivate beauty rituals
Chapter 12. Perform your own glow-up
Chapter 13. Be the elegant lady
Chapter 14. Live by your values
Chapter 15. Choose a seasonal lifestyle
Chapter 16. Engage your mind
Chapter 17. Dine luxuriously
Chapter 18. Be wealthy in all ways
Chapter 19. Adopt an apology-free lifestyle
Chapter 20. Your glam life starts now
Bonus. 50 Ways to live your most glamorous life

You can see the whole description here on Amazon.

And place your pre-order if you want to! Yay!

I am sometimes asked how I spend a typical day as a work-from-home author. No two days are the same for me! Some days, like at the moment, I'll write on and off all day (in between doing my happy housewife tasks and being a dog mum), and others I won't write at all.

But mostly I do something, whether it's a chapter or two, writing a social media post or doing office admin. The dreaded office admin! Once I bury myself in receipts and spreadsheets I enjoy it, it's just the getting started... I'd rather be writing. I'm always in my little office. It's my happy place and my husband Paul knows to find me there!

I love my creative work so much that it doesn't feel like work, and for that I am hugely grateful. It's just such fun to play around with ideas, write about them, and create my books.

I like to alternate sitting on my bum with moving around, and go through phases of wearing my FitBit to make sure I'm getting my 10,000 steps in each day. Moving around can mean actual exercise like going for a walk, or things like hanging out the washing, making dinner, and tidying the house.

I do lots of moving on Fridays when my wonderful cleaner Sue comes. The house is all tidied and everything put away, then Sue works her magic, and afterwards when I put it back together our house looks like a show-home ready for the weekend. It's fabulous, and so nice to have everything clean and tidy at the same time lol!

I am an early riser too. 6am is my standard time, but if I wake up at 4am or 5am and can't get back to sleep, I'll just get up. I put my cozy robe on, make a cup of tea and go and do some writing. It feels so good to have already written one or two chapters when my alarm goes off to get up. It's like free time! And if I was just tossing and turning wide awake anyway I haven't sacrificed any sleep.

There is no telling how good things can get when you put your foot on the gas. When you no longer find a mediocre life acceptable. When you aim big, even if your version of big is like mine: small, quiet and peaceful.

Live a creative life, be your own best creation. Every day I get up excited to be me and it's wonderful. And on the days when I don't wake up like that, I change the station, just like the radio in my car.

I fill my mind with positivity, journal exciting thoughts, plans, dreams and goals. I read from a book that makes me happy. I tidy something. I make my bed and get ready for a fabulous day.

We are so lucky to be here, on earth, living our life. Even in the hard times and the boring times. My mum always told us that bored people are boring and I soaked this message in! I am never bored, or not 99% of the time anyway. And when I am, I go and find something to be interested in.

Fill your days with gladness and make the most of everything. Reframe situations so that you can see they are FOR you, not against you. And if you can't do that, look to the future. A beautiful, bright future which starts in one second's time.

xx Fiona

PS. The Glam Life is on pre-order and comes out in less than two weeks! Order your copy at my Amazon affiliate link here!


  1. What a delight to read this post! You are inspiring- this was just the message I needed today. Thanks and will keep reading!

  2. Fiona, it seems that your posts and books keep getting more and more inspirational! 💕


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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