Thursday, June 23, 2022

A positive attitude, and free books!

'A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative. To think negatively is like taking a weakening drug.'

I wrote this down in my 'Inspiration' word document so long ago and unfortunately I didn't note where I got it from. But it's how I live my life as much as possible.

When I feel flat, down or blah, I jazz up my thoughts and lift myself out of it. I can feel the effects physically when I dwell in negative thoughts and ponder all the problems that could befall me in the future.

It just feels better to focus on the good, the beautiful, and things that are going well. It's easier to be happy when you turn away from all that things that are unfair, wrong, and upsetting.

I used to be someone who wanted to help fix all the things that were broken, and champion the causes that needed assistance. I used to lie awake on rainy nights wondering about all the lost and neglected pets that were out in the cold. As if that was going to help them!

I have changed my focus now. I do what I can by donating, and I write books that lift people up. So many readers say that they feel better after reading one of my books - more motivated, inspired, positive. They make immediate small changes to their environment which further helps.

I am all about filling yourself up first so you can be a plentiful and abundant source of good energy for those who are around you. And to do this you have to have boundaries and protect your energy. When I start to feel a bit depleted, I pull back into myself and retreat for a while. Then I can emerge refreshed and ready to keep on going.

It's the same for all of us. It's a necessary part of self-care.

Love to you today if you need a little bit extra.

Would you like to read my books for free? Well you can! And I have two ways for you :)

No. 1.

Simply request that your local library stocks them. I have done this millions (well, maybe not millions but it’s been a lot) of times at my local library and it’s a wonderful service. You probably don’t even have to go in to do this, just fill out a form on your library website online and request the book, then go in to pick it up when it arrives.

And no. 2.

For an initial period of three months I have listed all my books on Kindle Unlimited. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber you now have free access to all my Kindle books, and if you aren’t, you can try your first month free.

At this stage I don’t know if I will renew for another three months on Kindle Unlimited, I’ll have to see how it goes. So go ahead and read them now while you can.

You can see all my books here.

Or go here for your first month of Kindle Unlimited free.

Have fun! Yay! Free books!

xx Fiona
PS. I was so excited to see my books at the top 'Beauty, Grooming & Style' chart, but I also felt a little bad... I am hogging all the spots - 10 out of the top 15!

I am know this sounds like a humble brag but I do feel a bit greedy! 🤣🤣 I'm sure I'll get over it though 😁

The chart changes hourly so you can see the latest version here!

(As an Amazon affiliate I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases when you use my links :) Thank you for doing so!)


  1. Hi Fiona, just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your more frequent social media presence these days :-)

  2. I agree!! And lovely picture of you too!!

  3. Fiona

    Dearest Fiona, I have read and re read all of your books over the years. I find you such a calming, uplifting inspiration. So much of what you write about resonates with me and I truly take it all to heart. I also live in NZ and have been pottering away at “my book” for years now. I finally decided to take my desire to write a little more seriously around a year ago and read (soaked up) your “chic author” book. I have just ordered a paper copy to re read again and make notes on directly ( I’m a pen and paper girl) so I can endeavour to Follow the steps you suggest thoroughly. I too would love to be a stay at home writer/ housewife, but the current season of life we are in involves 2 very busy ballet dancing teenage daughters to run around and care for, 2 beautiful cats, a wonderful husband who runs his own business, a large home and garden (my total dream home I am incredibly fortunate and very blessed) and the usual household runnings. My days start at 5am so by 9.30pm I’m usually ready to take a bath or shower and collapse into my bed with a book! Therefore I’m not managing to get as much ground covered with my writing so to speak - despite 2 lengthy lockdowns ( which I adored.. to have licence to be home for weeks on end! Bliss!) I am waffling, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. 💕 for being hugely inspirational and encouraging. I love that we are both here in New Zealand and that affords me a certain connection with you in a round about way in addition to your books. I have a beautiful writing desk we moved from one of my girls rooms recently into a peaceful sunny spot in our bedroom- perfect to read, write and contemplate. Self publishing here I come! 🤞💖🤞 I can’t wait to read how to be chic in the summer 🌺 as I saved it to read just before we finally head off to warmer climes for some sun in a few weeks.
    Happy Matariki. Thank you lovely Fiona x Posie x

  4. Thank you for inspiring me to have a go at writing. Not just the writing but actually putting myself out there and sharing it with the world. I'm not likely to publish but I’m enjoying a low-key foray into the world of writing through my blog. Congratulations on your new book!

  5. I agreed with MJ - so happy to have more frequent blog posts! Thanks!

  6. Hi Fiona, back when I started my chic journey I bought lots of books, yours included :-). Some were inspiring, others not so much (not yours!) One book was called What Would Audrey Do? I was hoping for some Hepburn-esque wisdom. Oh dear. What a load of dross it was. It was so bad I deleted it from my kindle and even my cloud, I didn't want anyone to associate me with that book. I was ashamed to have read it.
    I've had to laugh because within the last week or so there have been two occasions when I have literally thought What Would Fiona Do?! The first time you pulled me out of a frump, today was more of a "head up, shoulders back, face the world " situation.
    I just wanted you to know that you have helped me a lot, in all sorts of ways. Thank you.

    1. I've done the same--asking myself "What Would Fiona Do?"... (That's how inspiring you are, Fiona! Forever appreciative!)


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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