Thursday, June 2, 2022

Books in decor, seasonal chic, and the royal cat jubilee!

I love EVERYTHING about books. I love reading books, writing books, and decorating with books too, lol. I change my displays around and refresh with a new stack so the vista stays fresh to my eyes.

I have always loved books. Mum took us to the library on a Friday afternoon to get books for the weekend, and if I had to meet her after school we'd meet at the library. Libraries and bookstores have always been my happy place. There is just so much goodness there!

I love passing the built-in shelving in our hall where my collection of books live. The covers wave out to me like old friends, if that doesn't seem too mad :) I love seeing them multiple times a day! Even my Kindle makes me happy to see it because there is so much to love in there.

What would we do without books? I shudder to even imagine a world without books.

In saying that, I am happy to let books go that no longer speak to me. I've had big clean outs over the years and now am down to a small number of books (small is relative :).

Something that gives me the heebie jeebies is when you see a picture of a home that is FILLED to the brim with books. You know they are not all read, there is dust everywhere and it feels like the walls are closing in. That is too many books for me.

Are you a book lover like I am? Do they make you feel like you're living the best life ever when you are surrounded by the right level of them for you?
Have you met 'the queen' (appropriate for the Royal Jubilee weekend don't you think)? Jessica is the revered elder in our home (12-13 years old) and we all a bit scared of her. She terrorizes the dogs and treats her own daughter (our other cat Nina) quite poorly at times (such as bullying her out of one of the many cat beds to take it for herself).

Here I folded up the quilt and alpaca blanket and made a 'princess and the pea' type bed for her. She took to it straight away and stayed there all day...

Even though she is a stroppy tart, I do love her. She was our first pet together. When I met Paul I had two cats already - he said I was lucky that he took me on with them :)

Jessica is deaf now, has been for a year or two, but she always comes running when I do the dog treat song for Daphne and Chloe. She moves very quickly when she wants to. Hmm, how does that work out? She really is deaf, because she gets a fright if I come up behind her or pat her when she hasn't seen me yet, but still hears the treat song or the fridge door opening???

She loves being indoors and I think would happily be an apartment cat. In fact, when I see her outside she looks so confused. 'What is this green stuff under my paws?' 'What is that blue stuff above me?' 'Where are the walls?' She's hilarious!
I was so excited this week to see THREE best sellers at the same time. Thank you so much to you, my lovely reader! I hope you're enjoying the new book too!

xx Fiona

PS. You can visit my 'Seasonal Chic' collection here on Amazon, whether you're going into the winter like I am, or summer in the northern hemisphere!


  1. Too many books. Hmmm, is that a real thing? I had so many books that Leland built me a library room with many, many bookshelves. I loved it. It was a wonderful room with a place to sit and relax, reading. It is a wonderful memory, too. They are all in storage right now - I hate that. I do love decorating with book stacks, too. I loved your cat story. Leland was the same, I had one when we married. He didn't like indoor pets but he suffered through it (smile). She loved him, much to his dismay. This was a wonderful post.

  2. Are your books available/compatible with Kobo app?

    1. No they aren't on Kobo to purchase but they are compatible - when bought from my eStore (, the eBooks are provided in ePub and PDF formats. Both of these go with Kobo :)

  3. Hi Fiona. Thank you for your book, "How to Be Chic in Summer". I ordered it on Kindle yesterday and read the whole thing in increments through the day. I'm looking forward to going back chapter by chapter and implementing your suggestions. I had thought I knew how to be chic in summer but you had so many great ideas that I had never thought of. Aside from all the practical things, I especially loved that you said to keep the plan as a "secret garden" and not talk about it to anybody. As well, to decide that when clothing doesn't look good on you, it's the clothes, not you. Recently, I donated my 'lean against the wall' mirror for one mounted on the back of a door in a space saving move. I look way wider in the new mirror and have tried to comfort myself for months that if this is the way I actually look, then so be it. After reading your book, I have decided to go back to the leaning mirror (which I now have to buy a new one 😊) because I can still check out all the details of my appearance correctly, but feel happier with the image. I love that imagination is such a powerful tool and that I have somebody (you) who stimulates me to live my best life, starting with imagining it, crafting it and then stepping into it.

    Also, I watched "Midnight in Paris" again last night and my inner French girl loved it. xo karen

    1. Karen, what a wonderful comment to receive - thank you! If you see my reply, can I please ask you a huge favour? Would you copy and paste this as an Amazon review? I'd be so grateful! I'm so happy that this book has been helpful to you! xx Fiona

  4. I appreciated your comment about too many books giving you the heebie Jeebies. I have the same response, after experiencing dust, dust, dust on my own bountiful collection of books. I donated many of them to the library but had to stop temporarily because the library didn't have enough staff to convey them to their central location.

    1. Oh my goodness Carol, that's quite funny :) Well done you!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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