Saturday, January 22, 2022

How to slow down time

Ninacat on the wine barrel the other night. She uses the chair next to it to climb up and enjoy the evening sun, such a funny wee puss :)

I heard someone say the other day that you can slow down time by changing your perception of time. It really stuck with me because days can go by without me even noticing, and hours pass by like minutes. I sometimes hold my breath and don’t breathe properly because I feel rushed; it’s like I am waiting until I have time to breathe fully and deeply. I often feel like I am running late, am behind, am disappointing someone.

When I looked at these things about time that seemed like fact, that’s when I saw what the quote was about. All of those thoughts are only my perception of time, and I can change it!

So I wrote down how I would rather experience time instead.

•    Time flows freely and slowly. It passes by at a snail’s pace and I feel so blissfully relaxed.
•    I move slowly and at my own pace. I do one thing at a time. Time passes slowly. I get things done in a paced and calm manner. It’s enjoyable.
•    I breathe fully and deeply every time I realise I’m holding my breath in my chest.
•    I take five minutes to close my eyes and breathe and just be. I notice the sensations in my body; what feels good, where there is discomfort.
•    I look at the trees out the window regularly and absorb their soothing green solid presence. They are always there.
•    I say to myself, Time is my friend. I love time. Time is good to me. Time looks after me. I have plenty of time. Time is abundant. Time is on my side.
•    I get so much done in such a short amount of time and I am completely relaxed doing it, it’s amazing I am the same person living the same life because I feel completely different.

Do you know, after writing those few points, which didn’t take long at all, I felt so tranquil. I bet you do too, reading my new mindset vs my previous thoughts.

So if you often feel like the day gets away on you, please, borrow my new views on time. And please, let me know how you feel calm and composed on a daily basis.

xx Fiona

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  1. Thank you Fiona!
    I feel more relaxed just by reading your points and by looking at your sweet Ninacat.
    Whenever I find myself panicking about time I'm going to (hopefully) remember your wise words.

  2. Fiona, wondering will you be offering a new book coming in 2022? I miss seeing you here lately. I'm guessing that you're working on something new. :)

    1. Hi MJ, I am totally am! I hope to have multiple titles out this year. I was actually writing for my next book when your comment came through. Thank you for thinking of me!! x

    2. Great news! So glad to hear! Thanks!

  3. Hi Fiona,
    I know the last couple of years have been hard for everyone. I certainly lost my chic spark. Recently I have been feeling depressingly grey and fed up but last night I picked up my kindle and started to read your Chic Inspiration. What a difference it made! I had a bath and moisturised then I went to bed and read the whole thing while listening to relaxing piano music. This morning I had French music playing while I was getting ready for work. I had yoghurt for breakfast with my fruit and nuts, (which is usual for me, but this morning, I felt chic whilst eating.) I put on a small amount of make up and perfume, nothing too glamorous, but more than I have recently been accustomed to wear, and even put on some earrings. I really do feel better this morning, lighter somehow.

    I really enjoyed the readers' questions, but the best parts were the tips on how to introduce a little joie de vivre into life by making small tweaks. I really love your tips to make life more romantic or enjoy simple things and to feel good about saving money. I'll be completely honest with you, and hope you don't take offence (because none is intended) I much prefer those posts to the ones about positive mindsets, being our authentic self or slowing down time. I do appreciate them, but the posts I really like are the ones that inspire me to do something practical : declutter, cook a special meal with candlelight, rework my wardrobe or get out in the sun for a spot of exercise.

    Chic Inspiration was exactly that – inspiring. Thank you so much. This morning, I have had a quick look back through your blog and at lunch time I am going to revisit it properly and begin to work my way again through your other books.

    1. Hello, I'm so glad you have been getting your spark back, and no offence taken with your feedback, none at all! I suppose my posts have evolved over time, and also, I can't just keep repeating myself... can I? I love all those little things too, and will keep thoughts in mind. In the meantime there will be lots for you in my books, maybe start with the earlier ones! I sometimes have favourite 'eras' with a YouTuber I follow, or a non-fiction author. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment :)


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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