Sunday, January 16, 2022

Find yourself with fun

 Happy new year chic friends!

I don’t know about you, but when I do some decluttering and organizing, I find out more about myself.  I find out what the real treasures are, and I can see what lights me up.

It’s such a great part of doing a bit of a clean out.  You can see, quite literally often, the next version of yourself.  Sometimes I have hung onto things such as clothing because I used to love them and think I will again, but then I don’t want to wear it.  It doesn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore when I put it on.

It’s a funny thing to experience, when you can feel yourself accelerating past your old self.  It definitely feels like you are moving quickly.  Have you ever experienced that?  I felt like this on and off all last year and still do.  Maybe it’s something with having an occasion birthday (with a zero on the end of the number).  You naturally start thinking to yourself about the next decade of your life and what you’d like it to look like.

It’s actually a thrilling prospect, at least to me.  Like the ultimate project to craft over the next ten years.  Where would I like to see myself at sixty? I ask myself.  It’s like a brand-new canvas to splash with art in any style you’d like.

And with keeping your home in a simplified and organized state, you get to move easily and fluidly through your years.

I plan to become more flexible and open to change as the years go by, not more rigid and set in my ways.  And I’ll get to do that because I choose to.  Why not?  Doesn’t it sound more enjoyable than slowly setting into premature rigor mortis?

And what I love about using things up, sorting out stuff to donate, and tidying the things I love and have kept, is that shopping for more stuff has never seemed less appealing.  It’s a strange thing that when you are drowning in clutter you shop for more, and when you are in a cleaning it out phase you don’t shop unless absolutely necessary.

I don’t understand how it works in the mind, but I know it’s like that because I’ve proved it for myself!

Let me know what side of the fence you sit on – happy clutterer or aspiring cozy minimalist like me?

xx Fiona

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  1. Aspiring cozy minimalist too. Love your idea of a ten year blank canvas.

  2. How interesting that I received your post today. Just earlier I was reflecting on how I have chosen to live my life these past 25 years (I turn 50 this year). I chose to stay home with our four children - homeschooling as a military spouse. Our youngest is still only eleven so I'm not quite done with that phase, yet I wonder what's next for me. I wonder this with enthusiasm and a sense of being myself, not being too worried about what others are thinking and doing. It's an exciting time :) - Michelle

  3. Love the idea of being more flexible and open to change as we age! I just purchased 30 slim days through and I am so excited about it. My next purchase will be the peaceful life.

  4. Merci for this inspiring post. I have found myself tossing more and more things in my donation box. Things I have always loved and thought I always would. I’m a little older than you but have quite determinedly required myself to flex and flow with change instead of wishing it could stay the same. Some days this is easier than others. Today is a good day, now that I’ve read your words. I love this photo of you and Paul. xo karen

  5. Hi Fiona! Thanks of the post. I turned 50 this year as well and love your idea about being intentional about how to live life over the next decade. I am also what I would call a cozy minimalist. It seems like the more simple I make my home, the more elegant it becomes (at least in my eyes!). I can swing back and forth with the desire to shop and the desire to declutter but mostly yes, I only buy necessities after and during a big clear out. We really need so little.

  6. Hurray for a new blog post! Firstly what a beautiful photo of you and your beloved, you look so happy, chic and glowy in it!
    I am a happy clutterer I think! I enjoy having lots of beloved items around me, things that belonged to my grandmother especially. I’m a homeschooling mom and that means the house is alway a creative mess, it is never empty for long!
    I am reframing the mess as an abundance of items! I know once my house is quiet in the future I can have it as empty as I like, so I’m trying to let go of my controlling nature and let the others cohabit the space with as little fuss as possible.
    I think I will download 30 slim days now, I’ve been putting it off but my jeans are tight!

    From Niamh in Dublin

    1. That's so interesting, Niamh, to reframe your current situation as one of abundance. I like it! ~~MJ~~

  7. When I hit 50, I decided to name the decade ahead my fabulous 50's. Unfortunately, Covid hit, scuppering my plans for a fabulous trip to Brazil for my 25th wedding anniversary, plus all the other restrictions we faced. The last few months I have helped look after my MIL, who sadly died. This week, I am back to my normal life and routine and aware that life is short and I wish to make it fabulous. I am sitting down and reviewing my life and setting new goals.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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