Thursday, March 24, 2022

What I've been up to and chic ideas

Recently we had a two-night mini-break staying at the Martinborough Hotel and it was so nice to dress up and go out 😍 We found a beautiful new restaurant called Karahui. The food was delicious, wine list incredible and the staff so friendly. Would recommend!
Estee Lauder said, 'Packaging requires special thought. You can make a thing wonderful by its outward appearance.'

I feel that way about pretty touches around my home, how I dress and present myself, and my book covers too.

I get so excited when choosing a new image for a book cover (as I did last week, it's with my cover designer right now). There is something magical about creating a new, gorgeous real-life thing that started with a thought.

It's the same with handcrafts, a beautiful dinner or anything we make ourselves - out of thin air it seems!

What will you be creating today? And making it wonderful with it's outwards appearance?

I will be dressing well for the supermarket (hehe, my big outing), making dinner later on, and also doing a read-aloud read-through of my latest book.

It is a mini-mini-book which is so fun - I have loved the energy of writing it, and for you, my lovely reader, it will be a quick read to (hopefully!) inspire thoughtful action and a happy feeling.

:: Inspiration Basket ::

I used to carry a stack of material around with me, from my bedside table to my writing desk and the sofa too. Then I decided I needed a basket for ease!

This one I have had for decades and can't even remember where it came from (it's second hand though, so would have been a charity store).

In it I have my iPad and Kindle, current reading material ('The Party Crasher' by Sophie Kinsella which was just 'OK', I borrowed it from the library), my journal and pen, and a couple of style files (printed or torn out inspiration pages in a display book). My basket could look a little tidier 🤣 Everything is thrown into it today.

I always have a giant cup of 6am tea (sometimes green, sometimes normal tea with milk), and I will either go straight to my desk with it and start writing in my robe, or sit up in bed with a book or my journal.

It's SUCH a nice start to my day. By the time I have had my tea it's probably been around half an hour and I'm ready to get up.

Having my inspiration basket close to hand reminds me of being a young girl and carrying all my favourite things around with me 😊 - reading and being creative.

Perhaps you need an inspiration basket too? Filled with uplifting material to inspire and soothe? I'm sure you can find something around the house if you too carry things around from room to room :)

xx Fiona

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  1. You look gorgeous in that photo Fiona. I can't wait to read your new book. Jo x

  2. Your post today was just the uplift I needed. Thankyou for the inspiration. Cheers

  3. Bon jour Fiona! What a stellar idea to create an inspiration basket. I, too, wander from room to room to ponder, study and write so having my books, papers, journal, day-planner, etc. all at hand is brilliant. Best wishes and Merci, Karen

  4. Hello from Tennessee, near Memphis! I'm a new reader and I was hooked with the first book I read by you and immediately bought the next. I look forward to making my way through all of them someday! I was excited to see that you're a fellow blogger and added you to my own blog role on mine. We have something in common- the "packaging" looking pretty. Whether that's a gift, myself or our home, I love for things to look tidy and beautiful. I even do this when I travel or stay with a friend at her beach house. I try to make things look better than before I came, which means I clean up well after myself. I love the idea of an inspiration basket. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this idea. I'm forever drifting from room to room with my journal, my other journal, my screen, my reading glasses and current read ... and then going back and forth for forgotten items. Thanks. You look very chic and beautiful here, Fiona. I look forward to your new book too. I'm (finally) putting away "How to be Chic in Winter" until next year so will be ready for something new. xo Another Karen


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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