Tuesday, June 9, 2020

New season's fashion :)

The Claphnes went shopping for their first ever jerseys and love them 💝💝 They chose cozy hot pink fleece (Daphne gets mistaken for a boy ALL THE TIME so pink was necessary 🤣).

You can see from the second photo that Daphne much prefers being at home in the country, although the dog expert I had a session with in the early days said it was good for her socialisation and confidence 😬 I don’t know about that, I think she would be happy to have a very tight-knit social circle and not stray too far from home.

Anyway, aside from their introvert tendencies (just like their mum), they are loving their new winter wardrobe 🤩


  1. Too cute Fiona; love the pink! I used to love buying pink beds and toys for our late kitties but trying to get them to wear a sweater for a photo once was a disaster, ha! Have fun! :)

  2. Their pink outfits are so cute! I love seeing photos of your pets :)


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