Saturday, June 13, 2020

Iced coffee in the summer

In the summertime I love an iced coffee and often order one when I’m in a café in preference to a hot coffee. One day at Starbucks, the name Sweet Cream Cold Brew caught my eye. I don’t usually take sugar, but ‘Sweet Cream’ has a certain allure to it, so of course I ordered it. It was YUM!

I then searched for ways to make it at home for myself, because it’s not inexpensive, plus most of the cup is filled with ice, which encouraged my frugal mind even more.

First I started learning about cold brew, which is an education in itself. I found out that coffee brewed with cold water means the resultant coffee has less bitterness, because the coffee grounds aren’t burned with the hot water (or something like that).

I also found out that you DON’T need to go out and purchase fancy cold brew equipment, unless you want to of course (those tall carafes do look pretty cool). But I thought to myself, that’s just like using a plunger (cafetiere/French press) or even pouring cold water directly on top of the coffee grounds in a drip filter machine.

I used my plunger, with the most coarsely ground coffee available, and brewed it for twenty hours roughly, as that’s how long I read Starbucks do it for. You make it really strong – in an eight-cup plunger, one cup coffee grounds to seven cups water.

This Jamie Oliver recipe here is helpful, but why you have to make it in a jar is beyond me.

And then comes the sweet cream. The recipe I used for the photo here involved sweetened condensed milk, half-and-half (which we can’t get here in New Zealand so I mix equal quantities of milk and cream) and vanilla extract. It was a while back that I first looked up the recipe, but I’m 99% sure I used this one:

I know the sweet cream drink probably has *a few* calories but it’s a treat for me, not an everyday occurrence. My usual coffee with cream poured over ice (or an Americano with cream in the winter) is a nice alternative.

Are you a fan of iced or cold brew coffee too?

xx Fiona


  1. Hi Fiona,
    this is not the correct location! but it is what I can figure out... I just finished your 30 chic days "during lockdown" book and I really appreciated it. I work in home health care so have not been out of work at all, but it's a wonderful reminder of making the most of my time off. I also really appreciate that you encourage people to appreciate the chance to be home rather than focus on being bored. You are correct that those of us who must be out there in the world would often treasure a little time at home. I am grateful to be in health care, to be able to care for my patients (I am a physiotherapist), I think the hardest was the immense concern about bringing this virus to immune compromised patients inadvertently.
    So again, thank you for the book and the acknowledgement of those out in the workforce during this stressful time!
    This was indeed your calling for a way to serve!
    xo Laura

  2. And...grateful to have a consistent income, for certain !

  3. I don't like coffee, and caffeinated things give me a migraine, sadly. My summer drink is cucumber water. I slice up a cucumber and put it in a pitcher, fill it with water, and I have an inexpensive and pleasurable summer drink.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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