Saturday, June 13, 2020

Genie Beauty products

It’s rare that I am ever offered products to try, so I was excited to receive a message asking if I would like to be sent a selection of products from the (new to me) Genie Beauty skincare and cosmetics range.

Um, yes please! I love all makeup and skincare, and especially trying new products.

Not long after, a box arrived in the mail. Of course within a few days I had tried everything 😊 The Dream Cream (how cool is that name) is deliciously thick and creamy, unscented too.

Wow, the exfoliator (which I forgot to put in the photo as it was already in my shower!) is a power house, and when I read the label I found out why: It’s called Exfoliate3 Triple Action and is described as a microdermabrasion exfoliant face scrub. I love a good scrub and it made my skin smooth and yummy.

I love the Glow Getter Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Coral. I used it on my cheeks and around the edges of my face (hairline and chic etc), and used the figure 3 technique taught to me by a makeup artist once. You do each side of your face starting at your temples, sweep down to your cheekbone and then again down to your chin. I also used just the bronzer side of the palette as an eyeshadow.
Then the lovely Superglide Gel Eyeliner in Espresso, a rich dark brown, which slid on easily. To finish, I used the Million Dollar Lash Booster, which I thought was a type of lash serum, but actually is an undercoat and really pumped up my lashes once I started applying the Million Dollar Mascara.

I had a look at their website, and the prices seem quite reasonable, which is nice. I would definitely use all the products I’ve tried again.

If you would like to try a new brand, why not check them out? And thank you Genie Beauty for your kindness 😊

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