Thursday, December 24, 2015

My wish for you

Christmas Eve in Auckland

I often wonder what is gained from writing like I do.  Sometimes I just sit down to write without thinking of what is going to be said.  I let the words flow forth and just sit and listen.  I truly believe this is the way I tap into the collective spirituality, which is me plus others.

My wish for you is to enjoy life.  To enjoy life whilst living with others around you.  To be happy to wake up every day and look forward to that day with gusto.  I know some days feel like the one before and the one before that because I can feel like that too.  When something happens to endanger that mundane daily feeling however, you are never so glad for a normal day to happen.

I’ve not had anything big or bad happen but I find that looking for the good in each day helps me appreciate life.

Actually I did have something little happen.  One day I woke up with an eye that would not stop watering.  It wasn’t irritated but I quickly realised my tears were not draining away from that eye for some reason.  All day, as soon as I blinked and a tear would form, it welled up in one eye.  It was difficult to see through this eye and then eventually a tear would roll down my cheek.

I hoped it would go away after a night’s sleep but no, I was still ‘crying’.  Days passed and this was still happening so I made an appointment with my GP, and then an expensive specialist.  He told me there was nothing that could be done apart from a five-figure operation to ‘cut a new tear passage’ which would leave a scar on the side of my nose.  Doesn’t that sound horrific and barbaric and totally over the top?

The specialist said the fact that my eye would not drain was all linked up with my sinus.  He prescribed me with six weeks of low-dose antibiotics and I went home feeling very depressed.

The ending to this story though is a happy one.  Before my eye started watering I had been looking in the mirror on a regular basis, seeing how my face was aging and wondering if minor plastic surgery was a ridiculous notion or something that I could do.  Yes, really. 

It sounds crazy now, because I don’t even care anymore.  I am just happy my eye is better and has continued to be fine long after the antibiotics finished.  I went for a public hospital check-up and the assistant did this amazing thing where she put anaesthetic drops in my eyes and then flushed out my tear ducts with the thinnest probe you’ve ever seen using saline solution.  She pronounced both tear ducts drained fine.  I just about skipped home afterwards (even though I was driving).  I felt light as air.

What shook up my plastic surgery thinking was reading that the condition I had (thankfully temporarily) could be caused by some plastic surgery operations.  Imagine if I did something for mere vanity and it caused a problem that needed to be fixed by more surgery, and even then that might not be fixed because once you start messing around with things you might just make it worse.

So I’m wondering if all this happened, and was sent to me by the Universe to cure me of any notion of wanting to ‘fix’ something on my face, to make me supremely happy and grateful for what I’ve got?  The ‘issue’ I initially considered having fixed is not entirely an aging thing, it’s a feature I’ve had forever.  I’m just glad the Universe stepped in to show me that I’m actually perfect as I am right now (and so are you, ‘imperfections’ and all!)

So my Christmas wish for you is to enjoy the happy days and the quiet days, the mundane days and the days where exciting things happen.  Treasure your face and body and the ones you love.  Whatever you are doing over the holiday season I hope you have fun.

I’ve loved writing on my blog this year and I thank you for reading. I’m also grateful to the many of you who have bought my books; this makes me really happy because I have many ideas for new titles to be released next year.

If you haven’t read ‘A Chic and Simple Christmas’ yet, I’d love to invite you to do so.  Not only will you find inspiration for this Christmas, but ideas for an exciting January, and thoughts to encourage you to think about the kind of Christmas you want to experience next year too.  Because you need to give others time to get their head around changes you might want to make in how you gift or where you’ll travel to, for example.

Happy, happy Christmas to you dear chic friends and I will talk to you all soon. xxx


  1. Fiona it's been a joy to watch your writing blossom in so many ways this year. Joyeux Noël to you, Mr Chic et les chats chic.

  2. Happy Christmas to you, to, Fiona, from here in Torbay, Devon, UK. I'm so glad your eye problem was solved quickly and painlessly by such a simple treatment. I don't think I would ever contemplate plastic surgery for vanity reasons, only perhaps if I was heavily scarred by an accident and plastic surgery was deemed essential rather than for vanity reasons. I've noticed those who have plastic surgery (mainly those who rely on their looks - actors and so forth) that while the face might just look a tad younger (i.e. fewer wrinkles) the rest of the body doesn't 'match' ... the crepe neck, the blotched hands. So enjoy your face, allow it to age naturally with the rest of your body, it will show character which is far more chic than an unblemished skin.
    May you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year.
    Margaret P

  3. And a Merry Christmas to you too Fiona. Discovering your blog a couple of months ago has been a delight to me. I have gone back and read every single post; and I'm always rapt to get an email advising of a new post.

    Thank you for your beautiful writing. It is very inspirational, personal and filled with a beautiful goodness. Thank you.


  4. Looking forward to 2016 an all that you have in store to share with us. Happy New Year! :)

  5. I just finished writing a glowing review of your wonderful book. Reading it was a part of a simple pleasure experience of mine, so I have scheduled it to publish on Sunday, January 3, 2016 at midnight my time here in the Eastern time zone of the US. I think your ideas will help me next year. I will post a review on amazon so even more can benefit! Merci beaucoup et bonne année!

  6. Just to let you know that there are probably more than a few silent types like myself who read and enjoy your blogs. I never comment, except mentally. A big thank you for all your thoughts. Keep on knowing that you've given types like me many smiles and chic inspirations.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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