Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Poodle's Birthday

Our precious wee boy is fifteen today. Just for fun, we (I) decided to borrow Adrienne at The Rich Life (on a budget)'s family tradition. It involves treating the birthday doggie to a McD's hamburger. Here Atlas is on his way to the drive-thru. He alternates looking around (above) with napping (below).

His day started quite well too, with cold roast chicken from last night for breakfast. Roast chicken is his favourite, I'm pretty sure he would do anything for a plate.

First we check out the height restriction. Phew, he will fit under the 2.6 metre barrier, being roughly knee-height tall.

Atlas peruses the menu, even though he knows it's the tradition to have a plain hamburger. We saw the car in front of us's order on the screen. Wow, they spent $41.90. Our total was $2.00. They did have a whole family in the car though and we were only feeding a dog.

It sounds pretty bad when you put it like that. My man looked at me when we were ordering and said 'We are such sad people, going through the drive-thru for one hamburger. It must be their smallest order ever'. But he does what I say, and that's all you can ask of a good husband.

We checked if Atlas thought it smelled good. He did.

As a responsible(-ish) elderly-poodle caregiver I made the decision to remove the bread buns. I didn't want to choke him on his birthday (or any other day, really).

After a hesitant start (one of the few times when a McDonalds burger is actually hot, my husband noted), Atlas was off and scoffing.

Mere minutes later his birthday hamburger was just a distant memory, and a big drink of water was in order.

A typical teenage boy, Atlas walks off leaving his dishes, tripping on the wrapper on the way.

Happy Birthday little poodle! And thanks to Adrienne for a fun idea!


  1. Wow I never thought about a burger party for our eyes are open wide now and as Pepper eats all and sundry I might need to copy this when she turns 1.
    Happy Birthday Atlas!

  2. Fiona,

    I may need to start the hamburger tradition, I think it's great that you and Adrienne have done this now.

    I know I have said this before, but Atlas is just so lucky that you were out there, ready and willing to give him so much love and attention.

    Happy Birthday to you sweet boy!

  3. Aww that is too cute! My little poodle is also 15, she loves burgers,sometimes when we grill burgers we will put some in her dish and she will dig through it letting all of the regular dog food roll onto the floor to get at that yummy hamburger haha, Kraft Singles is her other great love so a cheese burger is her ideal meal if it were up to her. I hope Atlas has a wonderful birthday!

  4. Too funny. As the mother of a teenage boy myself, that really is their behavior!

    Many happy returns, Atlas!

  5. P.S. You know what we give our cats for their birthdays? We tell them, "Happy birthday! We're gonna let you live another year!"

    Tongue in cheek, of course. Whatever would we do without those adorable little monsters?

  6. So cute and fun! A very happy birthday to Atlas.

  7. Fiona,

    I have to tell you how happy this made me when I read it this morning. I had Bill read it too over our morning coffee. I just love that you did that for lucky Atlas.

    Daisy stuck her head in the bag, too. It must smell heavenly to these doggies. I also worried about the buns and got rid of them too. It's the inside they want anyway.

    Happy Birthday, Atlas!

    This post really made my weekend, Fiona.



  8. Adrienne, I put the bag under his nose for a sniff since I remembered you did it. He didn't seem keen but then suddenly almost his whole head disappeared into the bag!

    We went back and read Daisy's birthday post, of course. It's such a cute one. I think I've read it quite a few times since it was published. We didn't have Atlas then. Imagine my excitement when I realised we had a dog. that we knew his birthday. and could take him through the drive-thru on it.

    Thanks to everyone for their kind birthday wishes!

    Hostess, I think Pepper would like a burger, but perhaps not the drive-thru. She would prefer home delivery. Or homemade.

    Jennifer, Atlas rootles through for the good stuff too. I mix in some moistened dog biscuits with roast chicken sometimes and he just eats the roast chicken. On Saturday night there was one pea in the roast chicken I gave him. When he was finished there was a shiny clean licked plate with a perfectly pristine and gravy-free pea sitting there on it.

  9. Too, too cute. Rockefeller hasn't experienced McDonalds yet. And so far, anytime someone recommends a treat "that every dog just loves", he proves otherwise (no to hotdogs, no to bacon flavored treats, no to peanut-butter, no to pigs ears). I will have to try McD's with him and let you know. : ) xx Bliss

  10. She's so elegant ;)

    Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday adorable Atlas!! xxoo :)

  12. Happy Birthday Atlas!

    I think my dogs would be quite happy with a hamburger. But their real treat is that whenever we have to be in the car for the ride across 7 states, if we get McDonald's they each get a few french fries (well, half, so about 1 1/2 french fries apiece). They think it's the most amazing thing ever, and it seems to get them to relax a bit.

  13. So sweet! When we were little and would visit McDonald's on a road trip, my dad always ordered a hamburger for the family dog. He let the dog eat the buns, pickles and onions, though!

  14. What a cute post, and what a lucky dog. We know our pets birthday as well, but I don't think a little parakeet would be the list bit interested in a McDonalds burger!! ;o)

    Happy Birthday, Atlas!!

  15. Bliss, Rocky sounds like a fellow with simple tastes. Let us know about the hamburger. Atlas has turned down Schmackos Popcorn but loves Schmackos Strips. He also doesn't play with any of his toys. Perhaps he's too old for toys now.

    Penelope and Cathy, merci from Atlas.

    Kalee, dogs must know how happy carbs make them feel just like us. Why can't protein make you feel as good as carbs I wonder. Or salad.

    Rebakah, such a cute roadtrip story. I am laughing imagining your dog with onion and pickle breath in an enclosed space with you all! Our late beloved cat Hannah used to do a happy open-mouthed purr after her Fancy Feast and it was an aroma to behold.

    Jackie, when we had a family budgie he used to get a new seed bell or mirror for Christmas.

  16. Atlas is sooooo cute ! It inspired me to get one ! Just to celebrate birthdays like this :) Kisses !


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