Friday, February 11, 2011

Hermes Sale

If you are a lover of the French Chic way of life as I am, you will likely have enjoyed reading Stephanie's former blogs Bonjour Madame and C'est Si Bon when they were around. Stephanie always had fun, chic and thought-provoking topics she posted on, and is an extremely inspirational declutterer. Such focus! And if you can remember the pictures of her petite home sparingly decorated with French style antique furniture... Le swoon.

Recently Stephanie wrote a fantastic guest post on My French Corner about the editing of her scarf collection. She talks about putting almost her entire scarf collection on eBay. But for a few weeks before that (as in now), she has started a temporary blog, Editing My Closet, to sell them to anyone in the US who is interested.

You simply must take a look, even if just to window-shop. Stephanie has many beautiful pieces. Enjoy!

Editing My Closet


  1. thanks for posting this! You are too kind.

  2. Loads and loads of kisses blown your way, Fiona. She has treasures (which I hope to make mine)!

  3. Thank you so much - I never had the opportunity to peruse her blogs, but have added her Hermes scarf to my wish list.

  4. She's really got a lovely collection, just looking at the photos is a treat! Thank you so much for shariing:)

  5. Fiona, thank you for the information. I did take a moment to window shop and it was fun seeing those beautiful scarves. Stephanie is a brave woman to declutter so brazenly. : ) xxBliss

  6. Thanks for allowing me the luxury of window shopping. The designs are beautiful and you can tell they must feel divine! I don't think I'd ever spend that much on a scarf though. Especially since I have no idea how I would wear it. (I can't have anything on my neck due to a really strong gag reflex.) How would you wear one of these scarves?

  7. Dear Fiona:

    Thank you for your email of a couple of months ago, which I just discovered in my gmail inbox while on hiatus. You are too kind to think of me.

    All is well. Just needed to focus on a few other things without juggling my blog in the mix. I am back at it though. Hope you'll pop over.

    xoxo --

  8. That made a greet ogle with breakfast.
    Oh the pooch below has stolen my heart

  9. Wow! what brave thing to do to get rid of so many luxury items. I'm sure each one has a history attached to it.

  10. Stephanie's scarves are so lovely that they're nearly sold out! I feel inspired to de-clutter some of my Tod's items and open up to some new pretties in my life.


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