Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Perfect Watch

Janet of The Gardeners Cottage has shown us her perfect accessory – the perfect black flat. Generously, Janet offered the rest of us to share ours. She asked us 'What is your perfect accessory?'

When asked a question one must always go with their first instinct.

What you see above is the answer for me - the Cartier Tank Francais watch, steel and gold, small size.

I’ve always loved a good watch, and seem to have mostly veered towards a rectangle or square. I never went looking for a non-round watch, but when I bought the Cartier, realised as well as this one, my previous two watches (inexpensive ones) had square/rectangle faces. After coveting the Cartier Tank Americaine for most of my 20s, when it came down to it I chose the Tank Francais for my own 30th birthday present.

I’ve worn it for 10 years now, every single day, and it will hang on my wrist until the day I return to the earth. And it will be worth every cent. To me, a watch is not just useful, it can be a beautiful piece of jewellery too.

On the Cartier website they don’t call it a watch, it’s a timepiece. Of course.

Thanks Janet for a great idea. I look forward to reading others posts on their perfect accessory.


  1. I love it--but you already know that. I love "time pieces" too. I wear a watch every day. Currently I am usually wearing my Seiko Le Grand Sport watch (I love the face and it tells the date) but I also have an Accutron tank watch (that looks a lot like a Cartier) and a vintage, delicate Bulova (you know, the kind ladies wore in the 50s)--I love them all. Even with minimizing I find I can't get rid of any of them. I posted my favorite accessories too--come over and visit. xxBliss

  2. So chic! The fact that you've worn it for ten years already speaks to it's classic style and quality. Well chosen!

  3. I stopped wearing a "timepiece" when I retired. I gave all of my fashion watches to others who were still so concerned with time.

    Fiona: have had a busy several weeks. Haven't had time to blog or read blogs. My mom had a stroke and has been moved to a nursing home for rehab. Taking lots of my time!

  4. hi fiona darling,

    what a gorgeous, gorgeous timepiece. i think i'm going to start using that term instead of watch. thank you for sharing and i'm going to do a post on friday, internet willing.


  5. I do not wear a timepiece/watch very often...mine is not as elegant as yours...yours is a jewel....elegant and sophisticated....just like you Fiona!

  6. Fiona,

    Time piece sounds so nice. Ten years, that just speaks volumes doesn't it? It's a beautiful watch, classic.

  7. Hello Fiona,
    Lovely watch! This is the first time I've posted, though I've read your blog since the beginning.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely watch - I too have a Tank Francaise, though mine is silver with a pink mother of pearl face. I bought it last year after 10 years of wearing a squarish Timex (inspired by a Chanel watch). It was very dear but like you, I wear it everyday! I think the gold looks lovely on blondes like you - wasn't it the one Princess Diana had too?

    A bientot,

  8. I've had so much trouble in finding the perfect watch for myself, and ironically I'm in no hurry. I figure I'll find it in time (no pun intended). My problem is that I crave simplicity, I don't tend to like any bling at all in my watch, I want something simple and classic. Yours is gorgeous!

  9. Serious watch envy here. I've had a Cartier on my purchase list for three years now. My watch fund gets a little fatter each month in anticipation of purchasing a Tank. Thank you for the inspiration!

  10. I wear a Cartier gold watch which is no longer produced. A present from my parents upon graduation from Oxford university. I hardly ever wear any other form of jewellery so I value my watch even more so. Warmly hope you are well, dear;-)

  11. It's a lovely watch, very classy! I love my stainless steel watch that looks like a man's watch - it's not very expensive, but good quality. My other perfect accessory would be my silver oblong hoop earrings that my husband gave me three years ago - I wear them almost every day!

  12. Bliss, your three timepieces sound gorgeous, and each quite different, so you couldn't really minimise any further, could you?

    Stephanie, and I've never gotten sick of it either. I often look at it just to drink in its good looks (I need to get a life).

    Dot, lovely to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Not wearing a timepiece at all sounds lovely. Even though I said I wear mine every day, I realised I actually do leave it off when I'm at home for the day.

    Janet, thanks for the idea. I can't wait to read others posts.

    Leslie, thank you! I like the sound of being elegant and sophisticated.

    Julia, I love anything classic it seems. Call me boring, I don't care.

    Jeanne, thank you so much for introducing yourself. Your Tank Francais sounds so feminine, and exclusive. I've never heard of one with a pink face. I think Princess Diana did have a fully gold one.

    Kalee, you've plenty of time. Simple and classic isn't going anywhere.

    Rebekah, you are the epitome of delayed gratification. I love how organised and planned out you are.

    Fashion, Art & Other Fancies, what a precious gift. I'm sure the gold looks stunning on you. I saw a glimpse of your watch in a recent post. Lovely.

    Nanne, your man-style watch and earrings sound very chic. I love the look of a masculine silver watch on a female wrist.

  13. Yes, your timepiece is beautiful. And practical! Nothing like a luxurious watch to polish our look. Visited Janet's post. Off to photograph my accessory!

  14. My friend has the same time piece as yours and I love it. It's so classic and elegant. I have two watches - a fun fashion Guess watch with rhinestones in a gold metal that's big and chunky. And a Rolex Datejust in platinum/stainless steel that I will wear forever. My husband gave it to me one Valentine's Day about six years ago. My how times have changed!

  15. Debra, look forward to yours!

    Adrienne, your Rolex is a true classic. That's the funny thing about my Cartier - I probably wouldn't go out and buy one now, so I'm glad I have it.

  16. Fiona,

    I am amazed at the 'stuff' I have acquired over the years that were so expensive compared to the things I buy now. I still want the best quality, but I think much longer and harder about what I choose to purchase.
    In the past, it was just buy, buy, buy without thought or consideration. Luckily, I love my watch and, as I mentioned, I will always wear it. And I can say with confidence that it's the last expensive watch Bill or I will ever own, unless one falls from the sky and into my lap!

  17. Dear Fiona

    will you count a bottle of water as an accessory? ha. i think it's the one thing I have consistently by me 24/7.
    and it goes with anything!


  18. Very lovely and classic. I don't wear a timepiece as I have broken just about every one I've ever warn. I'm a lefty and finally switched to wearing them on my right wrist. But with my history, I'm afraid to wear anything too dear. I always wanted a gold/stainless Rolex but your Cartier is very tempting...

  19. J'adore your watch, Fiona. You've chosen so wisely by getting a classic that you were in love with, and will love for the rest of your life. That's a great feeling.

    My dream Cartier "timepiece" is the Panther in stainless steel.

  20. I have an addiction to watches, but recently bought myself a timepiece from Swiss Army and I love it! I also wear silver bangles daily too! Happy Weekend to you! xxoo :)

  21. love it! I bought my cartier tank francaise with my first bonus out of college, it is hands down my favorite piece as well ; )

    that sad. you seem to be much better than I am - I have a nasty habit of 'saving' my nice things and don't wear my watch nearly as often as I should : (


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