Thursday, March 16, 2023

Gloriously normal life

It was a beautiful day on Sunday and I made the most of it. I had a petite sleep-in and then wrote a bit on my next book with a big cup of tea. Some morning routines are too beautiful to skip, even on the weekend! I love my morning writing time and cup of tea SO MUCH. Don't know if you've noticed :)

And it was a DAY OFF after Paul working long hours and all the extra admin of living without water and power around here.
We went out for lunch, and gosh it felt like being on holiday after the month we've had.

I asked Paul if we could go to the place we went last time (Giant in Havelock North), because their Goodness Bowl (with seasonal veggies, leaves, quinoa, herb dressing and crunchy seeds) and grilled chicken was so good. I had the exact same thing this time! And I normally can't resist getting french fries so that really says something about the goodness bowl.

Plus I felt cheery in my pink top. A pretty, happy colour near the face does wonders for my joie de vivre and lifting of the spirits.

And in other breaking news, our water is now back on! We have indoor plumbing!! What a treat to wash my hands under the tap and I had my first shower at home since mid-last month on Monday. It was so good!

The internet could still be a while away but that's okay. We now have power and water! Hoorah!

So far this week I have completed our insurance admin, and other admin too. I have also been writing a lot and it feels fantastic. Yes, I’ve been chainsmoking! (Which is when you start writing another book immediately after finishing one.)
I hope you are enjoying my new book if you've downloaded it. I was pleased to see it is 'no. 1' and a 'bestseller'. Everyone likes their children to do well in life, lol!

And in the spirit of self-care, what do you have planned today? And what is your ideal weekend self-care when you have a bit more time?

As mentioned above, mine on Sunday was:

A sleep-in
Writing and tea
A shower and hairwash (not at our house, somewhere else that has running water since we didn't have it back yet)
A dog walk down the road
And lunch out

Oh, and one of my recent self-care habits was to buy a jar of multivitamins and minerals. On choosing, there was a normal jar, and a 'for women 50+'. I am in that category!! Still, better than the alternative. I told mum and she said that I'm a senior now, haha. I still feel young at heart!

Thank you for the lovely reviews on the new book '100 Ways to Enjoy Self-Care for Gentle Wellbeing and a Healthy Body Image'. I read them all and appreciate them, and also learn from lesser reviews. Sometimes it is something I can improve on, and other times it is to know that I can’t be the author for everyone. We all like different things!


You can find this book (and her reviews :) here on Amazon Kindle and in print.

And the eBook here at my eStore for an Amazon alternative.
Wishing you a fab day, it's been lovely here this week - sunny and blue although a little chilly in the mornings - 6 degrees C (43F) before 8am. Autumn must be on its way.



And I can't go without showing you sweet Nina cat having an afternoon nap :)

Doesn’t a nicely made bed with a velvety cover just beg you to lie down for a few minutes? With a book or for a short rest?

This is in one of our guest rooms. I love the headboards! And the bed is one that zips into one big bed or two singles, so very versatile.

Since I’ve just released my book on self-care, all the different ways we can look after ourselves has been front of mind for me.

Curling up for even five minutes is one of them!


And little Micky dog got to have his post-cyclone grooming appointment recently. I have never had a dog who needs grooming, but Micky grows so shaggy he can't see out of his eyes!

He now goes to an Italian groomer, originally from Milan (I know, so bougie :), and he absolutely loves himself when he's finished. You can just see how happy he is and how good he feels.

His groomer, Roberta, is an absolute delight. You can tell she cares so much about her furry clients wellbeing and is very holistic as well. Such a beautiful lady, inside and out. Her business is called 'Whisper Soft Dog Stylist'. So cute!

While we were picking up Micky, Daphne and Chloe had their claws clipped (and filed too!) Would it be too over-the-top to have short-haired dogs groomed? Perhaps...

Can you see in the photo a little brown paw behind my leg? Hiding away there.

And I'm going to the hairdresser today as well! What a treat. Just like Micky :) But I'm not going as short as him. Just a trim thanks, and some highlights and lowlights to blend the blonde with the grey.

I love it when self-care is a deliciously pampering appointment where I get to read a book for a few hours while being fussed over.

Happy Thursday to you!
xx Fiona

(My Amazon links are affiliate, which means that I may receive a small commission (4% on ebooks I think) on anything you purchase through my link. AND it's an Amazon Smile link too, which I have directed to the ASPCA. I don't know how they manage to do both with one link, but they did. Thanks Amazon!)


  1. After a frenetic 2 days this weekend, moving to a new home (landlady sold home and buyers/bank moved up closing date), I spent time catching my breath, then trying to find my things. So to me self-care was being able to sit-lay down and read in one of your books. Loved that and rubbing on scented body cream, spritzing matching perfume, ending up smelling amazing and spoiled after insane rushing around. Relaxing Sunday! Plus my sheets smell amazing!

  2. This is so lovely! I am reading through the 30 days at home, as a homemaker living simply i spend lots of time at home! It is nice to work on a book that talks about home far beyond decluttering 😆 Thank you!🤗

  3. Nice post thank you Kristen


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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