Thursday, March 30, 2023

Autumn is here, ladies afternoon tea, and self-care

It’s officially Autumn here in the southern hemisphere, which feels weird because we didn’t ‘actually’ get a summer this year, and then the cyclone happened which really topped things off...

But that’s life. I still believe in making my own sunshine. Working with what I’m given and carrying on. It’s all any of us can do!

And I like to make the best of things, because it just makes life better.

Every Saturday my mother, aunt, their cousin and her daughter meet for coffee at 3pm. They have a rotation of cafes that they meet at. Sometimes I go too. This past Saturday however, I said 'Why don't we have Saturday coffee at my place?' So we did.

I made some gluten-free cookies, and everyone brought something as well. We had a cold drink and tea or coffee, and it was so lovely.

I don't know why we don't do it at home more often. It's a low-stress way to host, and you get to clean your house extra well before guests arrive, lol, so are rewarded with a nice house at the end of it. It doesn't cost a lot at all either - in fact it costs nothing to set the table with items you already own and it gives you a chance to use your pretty things and set the table.

It's a lovely way to spend a few hours - imagine inviting a group of friends around for afternoon tea. We started at 2.30 on this occasion.

I served bubbles and non-alcoholic drinks, and then hot drinks after, with the cakes. There were seven of us in total and it was a delightful afternoon!

And I even managed to find a few roses in my garden - burgundy iceberg roses and a yellow ones I don't know the name of but they have a beautiful spicy rose scent, very rich.

Have you ever hosted afternoon tea? In the past I have made sandwiches and didn't this time, but they are a nice touch.

I played my current favourite playlist on Spotify too, it's here. Or look for 'Ralph Lauren Vibes' under my profile 'Fiona Ferris' on Spotify.

And finally, I had some lovely pampering on Sunday morning with a mud mask after exfoliation. I rinsed the mask off in the shower. I always do a mask when I’m about to wash my hair then I don’t need to worry about making a mess. I'm telling you, I was squeaky clean with goodness when I’d finished!

I hope the past week has been full of self-care, fun times, and some relaxing for you as well.
xx Fiona

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  1. Self-Care - Does getting out of bed after a week dealing with cold symptoms account? When I did get up, changed to fresh sheets, lotioned after shower then I posted on little black dress diaries because I haven’t since before Christmas. This new home I moved to crosses a railroad track where I first kissed my Alpha Hubby, Something he apparently never forgot. I haven’t seen the tracks in about 25 years - it was a good memory - so I captured it in the post. Self-care can be warm memories of Leland now they no longer slice me to pieces 🥰

    1. I always enjoy your thoughtful comments on life and Leland, Nan. There is so much care and love. (((Big hugs)))

  2. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and your books. Our book club recently read your book entitled, "The Peaceful Life" and it generated much discussion. I agree that hosting small get together in the home is much less stressful and provides for more relaxed and quiet atmosphere. In addition it is generally cheaper than restaurants and the guests are more comfortable and generally are more relaxed. I am looking forward to reading your latest book, "100 ways to Enjoy Self Care". My thoughts and prayers are with you and your community as you rebuild after recent disasters!

    1. Wow, what an honour to be a part of your book club, Teresa! Thank for your kind words. Every day there is improvement around here x


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