Thursday, January 12, 2023

The state of the world, decluttering, and my favourite thrifty decor tip

In the past little while I have had yucky feelings about the safety of our world. Inflation, empty shelves at the supermarket, food shortages and food safety, rising crime, more people struggling, and seeing the effects of drugs and gangs in my community when I’m out doing errands. It doesn’t feel good.

If you’re a spongey/empathetic person like I am, these things can leave you feeling bad and like the world is going to hell.

But then I got a thought-message that said, ‘Stay in your bubble Fiona’. All any of us can do is stay in our lane, and do the best we can. Live our life the best way we’re able to and assist others by not falling apart ourselves. Not that I’m in danger of falling apart, but I have felt low yesterday and today.

Every time I get an update on my retirement savings account it’s gone down, even though I put money into it every month. And I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I can buy the food that’s doubled in price and I do still have a retirement account.

But these world stresses can’t last forever. Nothing ever does. The sun will come out again; hang in there.

After my ‘stay in your bubble’ message and giving myself some pep talks, I’m feeling more buoyant again. What use is my constant worrying? What good is that going to do anybody including me?

So I’m here to say to myself, and you if you need it, to stay in your bubble. Find contentment in your daily routines and don’t try to fix everything nor worry about the state of the world. It is what it is. It’s a rocky time post-pandemic.

Build for the future. Keep your frequency high and cultivate an air of light-heartedness. Focus on the good things. That’s what I’ve been forgetting lately. Instead I focused on everything that was going wrong. But there is always good and bad, so why would I not focus on the good?

There is always goodness around. Sometimes you just have to search a little harder for it.

Big hugs to you all!

It’s been a rainy ole week here as a tropical cyclone passed through New Zealand. We are lucky enough to be on the edge of it in Hawke’s Bay but upcountry fared far worse.

I hope you’re doing good where you are. I am staying busy at home, tidying up and clearing out. Is it the time of year that makes us want to declutter our home? You too?

I even found myself reading ‘100 Ways to Declutter Your Home’ last night. C’mon, who reads their own book? I do, obviously! You can find my decluttering book here on Amazon (it’s actually quite good!)

And I've been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix this week while walking on my treadmill. So good and so motivating. She is a delight to watch as well.

Questions for you:

Are you a weather geek like I am?

Are you decluttering your home now that it’s January, for no other reason than it’s January and you feel like it?

Are you counting on 2023 being the year that you get your home fully – 100% – sorted, even the hidden corners that no one ever sees? Yass! Me too!

It’s going to be so much fun :)

And to finish this post, my favourite thrifty home decor tip. I love decorating with books. They make the most excellent plinths.

There are so many decorative items you can showcase on books: real candles, faux candles, photo frames, flowers in a vase, and I’m sure many other options which I haven’t even dreamed of yet. (If you have any other ideas please let me know!)

The photo is of my siblings and me, about 20 years ago although it doesn’t feel that long. Surely I’m still in my early thirties, right?

Anyway, go and dig out some pretty books and make a display! Once you start you will become addicted, I promise :)

Have a great week!

xx Fiona



(My Amazon links are affiliate, and via Amazon Smile which donates money to the ASPCA. The price you pay isn't any different, so thank you if you choose to use my links!)


  1. Fiona, I first read your message about the state of the world on IG and you hit on something I tell myself, my adult children, and anyone else who needs to hear it - that things WILL change. They always do! And, what you’re saying about staying in your own bubble is excellent. Such good reading. I’m sure I’ll come back to this post again. Thank you, Fiona, for your light and optimism.

  2. Thank you for your wise words at the beginning of your post. I needed to hear them today as I have been feeling the same as you x

  3. Words to remember ! And now I am looking to read all the books you are using. I love decorating with a retired librarian I had access to lots of discarded books. Some are so beautiful when you take off the dust covers. We treated ourselves to a BOSE CD player for Christmas ( because our new car does not have CD player...few do!) and we have tons of CDs we love. When we placed the new player on our shelf it did not look right....I found two big "coffee table" like books to put underneath - perfect !

    1. I did the same with a small DVD player we have Ann! Two decor books, then the DVD player, then two LED pillar candles on top. It disguised the DVD player so well!

      I agree, dust covers removed gives a whole new look.

  4. Thank you for those good words - so true and worth always keeping in mind. - Jeannine

  5. The world is going to hell, Fiona, but that's okay... Because we have our bubbles! I was at Chik Fil A the other day with a friend watching our kids play and all of a sudden I got a very strange feeling ... Like I just wanted to be at home. I don't know if it's because of all the cookiness in the world right now or what but I thought.. why am I not at home making goodies and enjoying the kids playing there? I'm used to going to splash pads and pools and parks and trails .. but now lately I've have friends over for play dates and have been entertaining at home... Such a lovely feeling.

  6. "100 Ways to Declutter Your Home" is my very favorite book written by you, Fiona. I just read it again and it's so inspiring. I am letting go of so much stuff! Yay! ~~MJ~~


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