Thursday, January 26, 2023

Summer chic, naughty dogs, and... my fridge!

We went out for lunch on the weekend and it was so nice to dress up and wear a summery dress.

I had the best lunch too, a ‘goodness bowl’ salad with protein at Giant Brewing Co in Havelock North. It was yum!


Asking for a friend... Do you ever receive 'assistance' from your pets? Here is sweet Daphne helping (un)fold the washing. In this case a quilted pillow cover.

Thankfully she didn't get into the pile of dinner napkins. That would have made me much grumpier!

Life is never dull with pets, especially four of them. Nina cat is very self sufficient and makes her own fun outside often, although she does spend a lot of time napping on the tartan wing chair in the living room.

It's the three dogs always getting into something - running outside to bark at the birds, keen for food at any time of the day... the list is endless.

Still, where can you get this much 'fun' all for the price a package of Jimbos medallions and a bag of dog biscuits, I ask you?

Tell me, how do your pets 'help' around the house? I'm keen to hear if they are worse than mine.

And to finish this week, I know it’s funny to show you a photo of my fridge, but I love my streamlined fridge so much I couldn’t not. It really does bring me joy to open it each day and see all that empty space. A while back I gave myself permission to declutter my fridge. This is what I got rid of:

:: Expired condiments with hardly any left.

:: Jars of half-empty, expired ingredients such as green curry paste.

:: Small pieces of cheese wrapped up that I forgot about and so were past their best.

Are you sensing a pattern here? I’d keep these things hoping I’d get use from them but never did; they were just cluttering up my fridge.

One day about four months ago I took everything out and, after doing a quick wipe of all the shelves, put the items back one by one, asking myself honestly if I wanted to use that item. The ones I didn’t got put aside.

Once all the ‘good stuff’ was back inside the fridge I looked at the small collection on the bench and made a big decision to bin them. A big decision for me that maybe would not have warranted a second thought from someone else.

The things that tripped me up were that I am thrifty and like to make the most of the money I’ve spent, I don’t like waste, and I also feel like I’m being disrespectful wasting the world’s resources.

Once I got over that, I felt so free. And, my fridge has never accumulated items like this again. It is a breeze to use things up while they are still nice, I love going into the fridge to get dinner ingredients to prep, and it’s pleasurable to go to the supermarket (aside from the prices!) because I buy only what will make meals for that week. I don’t try to stock up on specials anymore.

Tell me about your fridge, is it like mine? Or do you love a fridge stocked with anything and everything? Whichever way you lean, I hope this post has inspired you to let go of some guilty clutter!

xx Fiona
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  1. My fridge is usually pretty sparse, which is uncommon, I believe. I do have a packed freezer, but I only keep things in the fridge that we eat pretty quickly.
    And you described my dog perfectly! Always wanting to chase birds and thinks he needs to be fed multiple times per day.

    1. Same, Debbie. I have a decent amount of food in the freezer too, but I know what it all is, lol, which I couldn't always say in the past :)

  2. Hi Fiona, Naughty dogs? well my younger dog (Erik 2 yrs) has such an instinct for carrying he always picks up the nearest thing and that is often a shoe or slipper so we spend quite a bit of time walking around looking for the shoes. Luckily he doesn't chew them but sometimes he does leave them out in the rain.

    1. Oh dear :) And if it's instinct, you can't be mad at him, it's hard though! Erik is such a cute name for a dog!

  3. Fiona, I was so sorry to see you lost Jessica Cat. They give us so much joy & leave such an aching hole in our hearts when they leave, don't they. I wish her well on her journey.

    My fridge. Ahh. Yes. We eat tons of veg & salads & the fridge is always jam-packed with greenery, but I spilled a full bowl of chicken curry in it a week ago, necessitating a cleaning of epic proportions, & I used the opportunity to clear out a lot of half-used & expired jars of this & that. I could have lived without the mess, but it's clean & tidy & I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible. It amazes me the stuff that accumulates if you don't keep a close eye on it!

    1. Thank you Susanne. Oh no, a spilled curry, but still, a nice clean fridge now! I agree, stuff accumulates if you don't have regular clear outs, and even then, I think I'll use it... I need to put a deadline on items like that!


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