Thursday, September 8, 2022

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Hello chic friends!
This is the gallery wall in my office šŸ’✨šŸ’

I haven't written a lot this past week but I’m feeling better from my cold. I plan to rest and tidy, and be ready to work on my current book next week ☺️

And Jessica would like to say hello too!
I love to journal in bed with my cup of tea in the early morning. ALL the pets come. The doggies get under the top quilt because they are scared of the cats.

Here Jessica is telling me what’s what and holding my hand down with her paw šŸ˜¹šŸ˜¹

Lucky I am right-handed and can still write in my journal (or use a phone camera).

I love my early morning time - it’s just after 6am when my alarm goes off. Sometimes I’ll go straight to my office and other times, like today I will snuggle up in bed with my tea. I definitely do it more this way in the winter.

My 6am tea and inspiration is a time I really don’t like to miss out on so I always make sure it happens!


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Happy reading!
xx Fiona

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