Thursday, September 22, 2022

Chic and glam aprons, and my travel wardrobe last week

I received the loveliest parcel in the mail recently, all the way from Canada.

A very kind reader with a fab business called 'Sugar Baby Aprons' (here on Instagram) sent me some of her sweet aprons to try. I love them all!

Now I am all glam in the kitchen and it’s so nice not to have to worry about splashing myself.

A big thanks to my fairy apron mother, and please let me know, which one do you like best? Leopard goes nicely with my shoes, and who doesn’t love a classic houndstooth, but can we ever go past a cute Paris themed print? I get it, it’s a difficult choice!


Last week my husband Paul and I spent three nights in our capital city, Wellington. It was a work event, so while Paul was working during the day, I got to stroll around the city streets and go shopping. And when that got too tiring I came back to our serviced apartment to rest, read, or write on my little travel laptop.

And, bonus, my brother is staying with us at the moment before he leaves to move overseas this week, so he got to look after our two dogs, his dog, and our two cats. He experienced the mayhem and harassment at mealtimes 😂😂

What I always love about a trip is the chance to create a bespoke capsule wardrobe for the destination, expected weather, and what we are going to do.

For this trip I really enjoyed my colour palette. From left to right in clothing, I had an oversized double-breasted blazer with a slight sparkle to the fabric. Next to that, a yummy animal print blouse in gauzy linen/cotton. Then a lightweight black cotton knit top. Next, skinny jeans in washed-out black (they are quite new, they came like that!) And my favourite 'Chanel' jacket in cream boucle. A chiffony animal print blouse again. Wide leg black trousers for evening wear (they are thick, floppy fabric and have silver stud buttons down each leg and feel lovely on). Then a dark blue merino top and blue skinny jeans, and finally a black day coat in a boucle type fabric.

These were the three scarves I took with me and wore each day. Firstly my plaid scarf which is silk and made in Italy but is NOT Burberry. Then my LV cotton scarf which I bought online for $175 original price $750 (yay). And a soft scarf that my brother bought me in Thailand and I love the colour of it.

I wore my Prada bag in the evenings (I take the big strap off and just use it with the gold chain for dinner), and my Victoria's Secret bag which is so handy for daywear and I love the colour, snake print and gold studs.

I wore my Nikes to walk around during the day, the boots when we walked to a bar and then the restaurant. I didn't end up wearing the gold/black patterned heels, and wore the lace-up heels to the work event.

I was very proud of my travel wardrobe!
And finally, in case you need a giggle today, may I present little Chloe dog. My sister said her teeth look like someone ‘casually tossed a handful of Tic Tacs in her mouth'.

The unique zig zag teeth don’t stop her from relishing her meals though. And if anyone is a candidate for doggie orthodontics it would be Chloe!

It’s okay Chloe, we’re laughing with you not at you, and we really do love you a lot!

xx Fiona



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  1. I looked right past the aprons (LOL) to the gorgeous view from your kitchen sink! Would not mind doing the dishes at that sink!

  2. Your wardrobe looks fabulous! Love the shoe cupboard.

  3. Fiona, you are truly the most naturally glamorous and gorgeous blogger.

  4. Love your travel wardrobe....packing now for a trip and trying not to take too much! Thanks for the inspiration!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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