Sunday, August 23, 2020

Slow living happiness

 Californian poppies and blue sky 


Peace, order, harmony and wellbeing.  These are words which are like balm to my soul.  I adore keeping my home in order, and at the moment am especially focused on minimising my possessions, in a gentle and slow living kind of way.

I also feel like I’m in the click.  The click to me is when things are flowing freely, your energy is high yet relaxed, and you feel content and peaceful while being effortlessly productive.


Sometimes I get into the click without thinking about it, and other times I need to give myself a helping hand.  I wrote out a list of things that make me feel really good, and I do these things to get me back into my wellbeing.


-        Listening to motivational videos and audios.

-        Playing in my wardrobe – tidy it, mend clothes, make a capsule or a lookbook.

-        Watching movies where the main character is slim, stylish and confident.

-        Doing laundry often, have everything clean and put away. Wear clean, comfortable clothes.

-        Decluttering and organizing areas of my home one at a time.

-        Meal-prepping ahead of time.

-        Letting food and supplies run out as long as possible before I go grocery shopping.  Substitute ingredients if necessary.

-        Using things up out of the fridge, freezer and pantry.


I have been enjoying having an emptier fridge lately; this is not easy with various lockdown levels, but I feel so relaxed when I open my fridge to see wiped-clean shelves and a tidy assortment of food that is fresh and enticing.  When I have too much in my fridge it is crowded and hard to see everything, and food can be wasted if it hides for too long.  It’s rare that this will happen for me, but the thought keeps me ever-vigilant!


We all need to find out what gives us the most happiness, and I think this simple and slow lifestyle is a big one for me (maybe you too?)


Tell me what helps you feel aligned with happiness, and any ways that you know will help you get back on track with your wellbeing if you find yourself out of kilter.  I could use some extra ideas, and I hope you enjoyed mine :)


xx Fiona


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  1. That is just how I feel but have never put it into words.Thank you for sharing.

  2. This coming week my family and I (kids and husband) are heading to my hometown for a 10 day visit before being posted (military). Here in Canada we have an Atlantic provinces bubble (4 provinces) and I'm coming from one of those provinces to another (my hometown province). My hometown is where my heart is and where I most feel at peace. All the feelings you described above? I feel them there. Everything is exactly right in my world when I'm there :)

    1. So true, that a place can be that feeling. I used to feeling it coming back to the place where I grew up, then we moved here :)

  3. I feel the same way as well. I've been tidying my closet and decluttering cabinets. Now I'm feeling like cleaning up the fridge after reading your post. But I've been taking long drives in the country and looking at the scenery along the way taking my time to enjoy the peace and quiet, with nature all around. Planning to take time to have a picnic when the weather cools down.

  4. I agree with everything you said and would like to add one more thing...listening to your audiobook of Thirty Chic Days. Can't wait for more audiobooks!

  5. I have been enjoying long walks in our local hills. The orchids are out and the wattles and grevilleas, the echidnas are very active, I saw two yesterday, and nature is at her emerald best. I read an article about the Ancient Stoics such as Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, and I intend to get their books and read their philosophy. They suggested we should accept the worst of our times and rather than struggle to prevent or rally against it we each have a small range of things that we can do and influence at anytime. We can increase our understanding, start new initiatives, form or join groups, advocate and persuade others to the best of powers. We can't change events but we can alter the way we react to those events.

  6. I agree with you Fiona about the slower pace and your happiness suggestions. I have some very dear friends and I like to keep in touch with them too for slow happiness: treasuring the moment


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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