Sunday, August 30, 2020

Room service :)

When senior cats are mollycoddled 🥰 Jessica is 10+ now, so if that doesn’t warrant a breakfast tray and room service, I don’t know what does.

She has her donut bed in our bedroom with the heating going.

She also prefers her water in a glass 😝💦

(Edited to add: when the dogs moved in she refused to drink from the same bowl as them, and would sit on the kitchen counter waiting for ‘her’ glass to be freshly filled 😑)

Are your pets spoiled too?




  1. My cat is very spoilt but doesn't like comfy beds and prefers to drink his water from the rabbit's bowl. He's not quite two and was a rescue kitten so I'm not sure what his first few months of life were like.
    The rabbit is also spoilt but is 7 years old so he deserves it.
    Your cat is beautiful and I love how she prefers to drink from a glass. Tres chic!

  2. We have three kitties and they are each spoiled. But all are sweet and loving. I would not consider 10 years elderly as all but one of our cats have lived into their late teens or early 20s. Our current ones are aged 9, 9 and 7. Thanks for sharing your furry friends. ��

  3. I absolutely LOVE that you pamper your pets! My hubby is allergic, so no pets (HE'S spoiled) - however - if I outlive him I am going to have a very spoiled pet. Maybe two. Or more! But really... if you're going to love something, do it right. You are my idol!

  4. That's a feline after my own heart!

  5. Our cat has been spoiled - by my husband! Jimmy (cat) prefers you drink out of the bird bath! He starts crying and crying in the morning as he wants to go out and drink!

  6. Too cute Fiona; love your kitty! My late Monique was just like that and I loved buying her rhinestone collars and furry pink beds. She had a regal air too, but was sweet. We hired a pet sitter for our kitties when we traveled and we called her "Nanny Poppins" and she spoiled them too. Makes me miss them but at our life stage, no more pets now that they passed on years ago after being our dears for 15 years. So I will enjoy yours. :) Have fun! Also, we used to use Bach Flowers for our kitties, especially as they aged. I wrote about that in my Flower Power blog post recently. We use them for us, too. There are books on Bach Flowers just for cats or pets that tell how to use them.

  7. Hello Fiona! I like your blog very much and just ordered all of your books plus 'How to Live Well - Chic Inspiration - How To Be Slim and Healthy' combo. I was always a cat-lover and had many of them through the years - so many different personalities! Had a pony and 3 dogs also in childhood, but now, like Kathryn above, I'm content to let someone else have all the fun (especially hair and litter boxes!).

    1. Oh my goodness, the hair... it's a never-ending battle! Thank you for ordering my books and I hope you are enjoying them :) xx

  8. Hi Fiona! My post, along with your reply, about the cat hair, etc. and ordering all of your books is back. I have received the books and am diving in!


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