Sunday, April 28, 2019

My top tips for glowing skin

This post is to accompany my new YouTube video on my top tips for glowing skin.  It’s a little bit different than what you might be expecting though, in that I talk about not just skincare or eating, but everything that I consider is vital and what I think contributes to a glowing, healthy skin.

I hope you enjoy my tips, let’s get started!

Be happy and do things you enjoy.  Surround yourself with beauty wherever you are and however you can.  Do things that makes you happy because that happiness comes out in your skin, it really does.  They can be free and small things, every day; it’s not like you need to spend a lot of money to do this.

Reading books you enjoy, spending time with people who lift you up.  Crochet, jigsaw, hobbies.  I spent some time sewing new cushion covers yesterday and it was wonderful, such a tonic.  If you’re an introvert spend some time alone, and if you are an extrovert seek out people top spend time with.

When you’re happy on the inside it comes out on the outside.  You can see when someone is happy and fulfilled because they glow.  They glow from within.  Happiness comes out through your eyes and skin and you glow.  Brides glow on their big day because they are so happy as well – their joyousness comes out.

Wear colour and/or sparkle near your face.  I used to wear a lot of black but wear more colour now – I love red and other bright/feminine colours.  Every lady can suit a red and it is scientifically proven to make someone more attractive – blue-red, tomato, coral, deep pink.  Other beautiful colours next to your face add colour and life to your skin tone.  Every colour you wear brings out underlying skin tones – black can bring out dark circles under your eyes.

Hold colours up to your face to see what makes you come alive.  I love blues, khaki greens, buttermilk yellow… there are so many beautiful colours available to us.

And for sparkle – think pearls or pretty necklaces.  I think we wear jewellery around our face because of what it adds to our face.  At home wear your jewellery, you’ve got it so you may as well wear it.  I love to wear simple pearl studs every day because they add a touch of luminosity but are so easy to wear I forget I have them on.  If I don’t wear them though, it seems like something is missing!

Eat nutritiously.  It seems an obvious one but what you eat really comes out on your skin.  If you have a day of eating rubbish, you will know because you feel rubbish too, but if you’ve not had many fresh fruits or vegetables you will look sallow.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables gives your skin a golden glow, and who wouldn’t want that?  I remember that golden glow when realise I need to eat more fresh produce.

Eat fat, drink water.  You want hydrated plumped up skin.  Water it by drinking water and other healthy (clear) fluids.  Like a plant that you don’t water, skin can get withered looking.  Water your skin!  Plump it up with fat too.  I think fat is great – good fats of course.  Deep fried no, but olive oil, cheese, butter, avocado, eggs.  Yum.  Include small amounts of good fats often and see the difference.  By drinking more water and eating good fats you are moisturising your skin from the inside out.

Sleep.  I love sleep and love going to bed, but even so I sometimes have FOMO in that I think I could still be watching a television program or reading or crafting.  There are so many things I love to do that sleep seems like a waste of time even though I know it’s not!  When I can’t wind down I listen to relaxing music to fall asleep which helps.

I also do a relaxation meditation if I find it hard to fall asleep. I go through my body parts and relax each one from the top of my head to my toes.  I can feel myself relaxing.  I also like to imagine someone massaging my feet and it works!  When you don’t have enough sleep it really shows on your skin, well it definitely shows on mine.

Skincare.  I love to make sure my skin is really clean at night.  Currently I use two or three cotton pads and cleansing water and keep going until the cotton pad is clean.  I don’t believe you need expensive skincare, as long as you use it twice a day.  Take pleasure in the care of your skin.  I enjoy my time in the shower taking care of my body.  I enjoy moisturising in the morning.  I moisturise every single part of my body that I can reach as well as my face.

Radiate happiness.  It is a choice – you can choose to feel positively about things and you can choose to be excited about life.  Think ‘How lucky am I?’ every single day.  There are always people better off or worse off, why not choose to believe you are super lucky instead of thinking everyone has it better than you?  It’s good to have gratitude for everything you have – you feel happy and grateful.  Focus on that and all the positive things in your life, the things that make you feel happy.  You radiate happiness easily when you think like this and it all contributes to a healthy glowing look.

Smile often.  Smiling is nature’s facelift.  It lifts up all the muscles in your face.  Your normal resting face likely has your lips turned down slightly, so you will look quite sour even if you think you look normal.  Lift up the edge of your lips and you will look younger, healthier, happier, and more attractive.  It becomes a habit.  Just by smiling more often it really adds to your look and you look more glowing and healthy.

Some people I know always have a smile on their face and it makes me happy because they always look happy to see me.  I do this more now and it feels good, it’s almost for the other person, isn’t it?  Plus you look younger and more attractive with nature’s facelift so why not?

DIY Botox.  I’m not asking you to do your own injections!  I have never had Botox, I was tempted about 15 years ago and my sister said to me at the time ‘why not spend that same money on a monthly massage?’ which I did for a while.

I also saw a product called Frownies, sticky paper patches you put on your face at bedtime.  I never got around to ordering them but they are meant to train you to realise which muscles you are contracting without noticing.  What I decided to do instead focus on pulling my muscles outwards on my forehead.

It’s more mental than anything, but I think it makes a difference.  Focus on relaxing those muscles just like Botox would do.  I purposely don’t frown too, it’s just a habit.

Side note: my mum accused me of sneakily having Botox recently!  And I tell her everything!  She would definitely know if I’d had Botox.  How funny is that?  Perhaps my DIY Botox really is working…

So that’s my tips for today.  And, I also wrote about this same topic – even with the same name, which I didn’t realise until just now – here.  Oh well, the more the merrier I say.  I could talk about skincare and glowing skin all day long!

Tell me your top tip for glowing skin, something that works for you.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

xx Fiona


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  1. I think the bit about being happy is so important for nice skin. And anything that brings circulation to our face. I like to wear a bit of make-up partly because it stops me being lazy about cleaning my face. I have enjoyed all of your 'skin' posts over the years, you are definitely your own best advertisement. xx

    1. Yes, definitely circulation. When I have been for a walk, laughing lots etc, it produces a glow.

  2. Hi Fiona, I've been wanting to add tops with color rather than all neutrals that I stick to usually. I find the beiges, black, and grey tones in my blouses are not flattering on me at all! In regards to sleep, I would love to have a full nights sleep again but being perimenopausal is very disruptive. All your tips are great and I try to do everything you list here. I really enjoy the pampering feel of skincare, I do layers like you for facial moisturizing. And there is nothing better than a smile that reaches the eyes, it is especially wonderful. It not only makes yourself beautiful but affects others as well :)


    1. Yes, layers are lovely, and then some nights I'll just put one cream on instead of serum/oil, eye cream, night cream. It feels so decadent, like riding on a motorcyle without a helmet or something!!!

  3. Hi Fiona, What a great post! I never thought about relaxing my facial muscles, I'll give it a try. You look very well, so relaxed at your new place.
    BTW your pups are adorable, shows what good care they are getting.

    1. Those little dogs love their new home here, Nancy!

  4. Yay!!! Thank you Fiona! I am so appreciative that you decided to do a video on this topic! I am turning 40 in about a month, and skincare has really been on my mind lately. You are a fantastic role model for taking great care of your skin! :)

    1. Happy birthday to you! The forties are a great decade :)

  5. As someone now in her 60's I can so agree with your tips. I have a couple, one from my mom years ago - keep your face out of the sun. I don't mean totally but sun is very aging on the face. I am now proof after having stayed out for 40+ years (I stopped sunbathing & started wearing hats outside & in pool, beach, etc.). I also take Astaxanthin supplement and have been for a few years. I actually (white skin here) stopped burning in the sun after a few months of taking it faithfully. Water-water-water, too! It's #1!

    1. Definitely being sunsmart I adhere to as well, LBD. I've never much cared for the sun, so that helped me out. I have not heard of that supplement before, it sounds amazing!

    2. Google the supplement. It's actually what makes salmon red/pink. I just don't want to eat THAT much salmon! Astaxanthin is really quite wonderful.


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