Saturday, November 4, 2017

Poodle chic

Oh happy days, I have a poodle in my life again!  Please don't get too excited, this handsome fellow is a Rent-A-Poodle of sorts.  Teddy lives across the road and LOVES walking, so I take him with me when I go for my walk now.

Isn't he handsome?

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I adopted senior rescue poodle Atlas after his dad died.  I thought Atlas was twelve, but his original papers turned up and he was actually 14.5.  We had him for only seven months before he crossed rainbow bridge and he was such a sweet boy.  He'd come to the shop every day with us and was an excellent greeter.  We still had customers asking about him years after he died, he was so popular!

You can read about the day Atlas came into our lives here, and if you are keen for more, everything poodle is in the Poodle Chic tag here (you'll have to read the posts in backwards order though because the newest one comes up first).

After Atlas passed, we adopted our rescue cats Jessica and Nina so didn't look for another dog, and that's what makes coming across a new friend in Teddy such a lovely find.  I get to enjoy his company on my walks, then drop him off home and the cats are none the wiser!  Dogs always make walks more fun, and Teddy is no exception.

On our first walk together we encountered a horse waiting tied up briefly outside its house....

Chickens free-ranging in a paddock (there were four of them)...

And the cutest lamb who must have been hand-reared because he always comes up to the fence if he's close by.  (Sometimes mother sheep won't have anything to do with their lambs, so there is no other option.)  Have you ever buried your face in a sheep's head?  It smells gorgeous.  Warm and lamby and woolly.  It's the farm animal equivalent of sniffing a baby's head.  Budgie heads are lovely too (in my sister's rescue-bird aviary).

I hope you enjoyed joining me for my country stroll with my new man Teddy.

Please, let me know what you've been up to this week?


I also have exciting news.  My first international edition of Thirty Chic Days has been published by Vaga, Lithuania's oldest publishing house. It is available in both print and as an eBook here.

Thirty Chic Days is still my most popular book, even though it was one of my first.

I've been writing for my next book, and have decided it is going to be Thirty More Chic Days.  I have so many wonderful topics I've been writing on, but I'd love to hear from you.  If you could choose a chapter topic or title for this book, what would it be?  Also, do you have a favourite chapter in the original Thirty Chic Days?  Please share your thoughts, because I'd love this book to have your input; I think that would be really special.

Have a lovely weekend, and I will see you next week!



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  1. That lamb is dead-cute, Fiona. What a charming post.

  2. What an adorable poodle!

    I've been re-reading lots of your old blog posts Fiona, and honestly there are many of them worthy of being a chapter in your new book (or at least forming the basis of a chapter). I'd love to have some of those blog posts as print copy!

    I found the finance posts particularly fascinating, though all of course are great :)

  3. This is the best thing I've heard about all day. I just love hearing stories like this. I'm sure the cute poodle is so appreciative of you taking him out on an adventure.

    1. I loved the pictures in this post! Seems to me one of the chapters could be "Pet Chic" as you have lots of experience on the subject, and you could include the idea of "rent-a-pet/poodle" because it's charming! I believe Grace Kelly was asked if she could have another life, who would she come back as & she said she'd be a dog in a nice French family. I could not find the quote. I think it was in one of Jamie Cat Callan's books but I don't know which one. I hear the French adore their pets - groom them, dress them, take them everywhere - even to expensive restaurants in expensive handbags! I'd enjoy learning more about that!

  4. I'm so excited to hear about your new "chic" book. I already have your first one, which I love, and also will be re-reading your christmas book and winter book . they are all enjoyable informative reads. Love your writing.
    We also had a poodle once and we think she was the sweetest dog we ever had. Now we have a papillon and of course he is precious too! My sweet lil boy.
    The pics of your walk w/Teddy are so pretty!

    Congratulations on having your book published internationally. Well-deserved and they are in for a treat.

  5. Dogs are such wonderful companions, aren't they :) I grew up with many cats, dogs, ducks, budgies, mice, frogs - the latter two species being kept in my bedroom as a ten year old, much to my mum's disgust. As an adult in my own home, I had constant dog and cat companionship for 16 wonderful years. When the last cat died I was so upset I couldn't bear the thought of another .... until nine months later I visited a shelter with two dear friends and I was chosen out by a timid ginger and white adult female. Her history was unknown but she'd recently had babies and was underweight. Almost 11 years later and my feisty, demanding and constantly-shedding feline friend is my constant companion. She was gracious enough to let a man into our lives and we all live happily together (nine years so far :)). Only one problem - she HATES dogs !!! In fact she hates cats, too. Humans she adores ha ha. So my only child lives a happy and contented life with us, defending her territory (our small suburban block) from our neighbours' dogs and cats. She may only be 3.9kg but she becomes a 390kg lion !! I type this with one finger, my iPad held awkwardly at an angle as madam lays comfortably along my torso, snoozing and purring away. Bliss.

  6. I flew internally Air France a few years ago. The lady in the seat across the aisle took a small dog out of her bag and installed him on the seat beside her. The air steward came around with snacks and he even got his own ham sandwich!

  7. I keep forgetting to write in but better late than never! I would love it if you could write a chapter (or a book!) on "Summer Chic" as a companion to your winter chic book - I find it very difficult to be chic and maintain a positive attitude in hot weather!

  8. He's adorable, Fiona!
    Margaret P


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