Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Inspiration Ideas – Make it fun

I have Lisa's book and love it, so sue me!

Following on from my last blog post ‘Inspiration ideas - Makeit stylish’, another one of the few ways to make me want to do something is to make it fun.

I am not ashamed of the fact that, despite my love of a chic lifestyle, I also adore things that others may deem un-chic – in this instance reality television, specifically Keeping up with the Kardashians and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Aside from the fact that we are all not made up of the same influences and interests, and it’s the little differences that keep our relationships with others interesting, there are factors in watching these programmes that keep me motivated on my path of self-improvement.

Watching the stick-thin housewives in their glamorous outfits motivates me more than anything pedestrian.  I don’t want to be as skinny as them as I would have to lose half my body weight, but seeing how polished and happy they look (I know, it’s an illusion) inspires me to not put the potato chips and low-quality chocolate in my shopping trolley at the supermarket.

Seeing their lovely homes and the glossy stores they visit inspires me to pretty up our home and get on with the housework.  I don’t even mind!  I don’t think about ‘urgh, gotta drag the vacuum cleaner around’, instead it’s ‘yay, our house is going to look so good when it’s finished’.

A dvd I have been ignoring at the library, even though I can get it out for free, is Kim Kardashian’s workout (there are three different ones).  I have watched all of their tv shows over and over, except for these ones.  I have one of the workout dvds out at the moment and it’s exactly the type of workout dvd that will make me do something.

I have a couple of others, ballet workouts that I read about, but I haven’t even watched them once.  They just seem so dry.  Kim Kardashian said something during the first workout that resonated with me and inspired this post.  It was in an interview about her fitness dvds, and she said the studio where it was filmed was just right for her.  It was all set up with racks of her clothes, a fancy gilt mirror, and faux balconies looking out to a twinkly sky.  She said she needs pretty spaces to inspire her.

I am the same!  If something is too plain, I can’t bring myself to do or use it.  Whilst still being practical, if something has ugly packaging I have to decant it into another container, whether it’s cotton makeup pads or brown basmati rice.

Just knowing this about me makes it more likely that I can set up my life to motivate me to be my best self.  Deciding that I wanted to make sure I drank at least two litres of water a day, rather than note down the glasses during the day (I would forget to do it and be bothered about that), I found a pretty water jug that we don’t often use and measured the volume.  It is one litre, so I know I have to empty it twice a day.  And I do!

Maybe you’re the same?  If you are reading my blog, then you probably are.  Now go declutter a drawer and make sure you put everything back in a pleasing and orderly fashion.  That’s what I’m off to do now!


  1. Ugly containers need to be dispatched as soon as possible! There are so many lovely alternatives, many of them can be found at charity shops for pennies. I will definitely read Lisa's book.

  2. I could have written this post! My cooking oils are in crystal decanters, makeup brushes in crystal bud vases. I display orchids, fruit & confectionary in crystal rose bowls. My most loved items are the crystal footed bowls I burn tea light candles in all year around & little baubles at Christmas. Elevate the ordinary is my mantra! Regards. Sharon Wright

  3. Making it fun makes it so much better. I love this post and all the ideas you shared.

  4. I feel the same way about ugly containers. My mother and father had a rule that commercial packaging was never allowed on the table... I like to take that rule as far as I can!

  5. Ha ha! Lisa's book is a fave of mine, too. And while I can't quite get on board with your love of KUWTK, I do love RHs!! I, too, find it surprisingly inspirational.

  6. Totally agree that seeing a clean house on TV or chic outfits is a TOTAL motivator!!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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