Saturday, November 26, 2011

New House - Our Bedroom

As with the living room, Miss Jessica enjoys the sun streaming into the master bedroom. Most days after work we find her in our bedroom upstairs. In fact I don't think there has been one day she has been downstairs when we've arrived home.

How fortuitous that these lovely ropes were already holding the curtains back when we moved in. They're just my style.

One of the things I liked about this place before we bought it (OK, the main thing) was the triple width wardrobe in our bedroom.

We're going to get fancy built-in wardrobe people to come around and quote for us as there's a lot of space in there and I think we can get rid of our drawers and just have a spacious hotel-like bedroom with a bed and a wardrobe.

My makeup area. The larger of the two mirrors I found on the side of the road. I love it.

The ensuite off our bedroom. This is one end.

And this is the other.


  1. I love the different window levels in your bedroom,lots of light!I'd love an en suite, but I live in an old Victorian wreck, so it would be a nightmare to rearrange the plumbing.

  2. I understand your enchantment with that wardrobe! You're right about its potential when outfitted to suit your storage needs....

    Thanks for the peek into your peaceful, light and airy bedroom! No wonder Miss Jessica finds the bed the perfect place to pass some time!

  3. What lovely light you get in your bedroom. Jessica seems to enjoy her spot!

  4. Your rooms have lots of light...
    and it looks like your cat has settled in nicely.
    That huge closet is amazing and I think it will be even more wonderful when you get those closet organizers installed.
    I'd pick that mirror off the roadside too!

  5. Looks great! I love all the windows and light you have in your bedroom. I also like how it looks very airy, non-cluttered. ~~Bliss

  6. Such airy spaciousness -- lovely.

  7. Your bedroom is beautiful! What a lovely sanctuary.


  8. Your bedroom looks wonderfully chic and a real oasis of calm.

  9. Your bedroom looks quite relaxing and so fresh! Jessica couldn't look more content in your home if she tried.

    Our bedroom looks similar to yours - same three panel closet doors, an above bed window and a larger window just right of our bed. And Jessica and Kitty are twins separated at birth;) do, A

  10. I love the light colors in your bedroom with the contrasting timber furniture.


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