Monday, January 10, 2011

Chic Habits: Moisturise Your Ear Lobes

Moisturise your ear lobes. Do this at the same time you moisturise your face at night. You don't need any extra cream or lotion, just use the little bit on your fingers.

My French beauty therapist included my ears in the facials I have had with her, both in terms of massaging and moisturising at the end. It felt amazing having my ears massaged. Since then I have included my lobes in my skincare regime. And they do look quite plumped up and smooth.

You don't want to be one of those little old ladies with withered, dried out, hangy earlobes do you? Non, you want to be the one with beautiful, compact rosebud ears, with pearl stud earrings in.

And I think, I think I read somewhere that massaging the earlobes reduces stress. I could just be making that up but if it's true that's just another reason to do it. Starting tonight!


  1. What an excellent tip! I also use that little bit extra of face products to massage my cuticles. It's amazing how much this little bit helps.

  2. Yes, and the backs of the hands! We may as well get the most value our of our pricey creams.

  3. I wonder how many readers automatically rubbed their earlobes while reading this post? I know I did. And I made sure to pay special attention to them while putting my sunscreen on this morning, just a few moments ago after reading this post.

    I have always been very good about moisturizing my neck and decollete, but have never given my lobes a second thought. I wish I had known to do this many years ago...mine are looking a little old ladyish these days. I guess there's no better time to start like now!

  4. You are so cute--rosebud earlobes. Love it. : ) xo.

  5. Great idea! I have never thought of doing this but will start now. I need to get better about moisturizing my neck too.

  6. How cute! And, the pearl stud earrings are a classy touch! ;)

  7. Something I never thought of. My eyes are so bad these days, I'm not even sure I can see my earlobes up close to see what they look like! But I like the idea that it might be a good de-stresser to rub lotion on my earlobes. Off to try it! Bess

  8. oh my goodness fiona. your esthetician proved to you how good having your earlobes and whole ear massaged felt. sooooooooo good. did you know that we are taught to not massage men's ear's during a facial b/c it is an errogenous zone? uh huh.


  9. Ear lobes - great tip and definitely overlooked!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog - paying it forward definitely starts at home!

  10. Adrienne, that's what I thought too, better to start now than never. Sunscreen's taking it that extra step!

    H, surely everyone wants rosebud earlobes?

    Stephanie, we need to remember all those satellite areas!

    Why thank you Ani, I love pearl studs. I have heard of pearls (whether earrings or a necklace) that they throw light onto the face. Now that I'm 40 I've been wearing them non-stop!

    Bess, your comment is cute. I realise I sound a total nutjob saying to moisturise your earlobes.

    Janet, whoever would have thought that innocent looking ears could be responsible for so much trouble?

    Merci, Cheap N Chic!

  11. That is a fabulous idea and I, too started rubbing my earlobes while reading this post...haha....

    Have a wonderful week, Fiona! xxoo

  12. Good to know, and I love that little tidbit from Janet. : D

    This might be the nudge I need to start booking regular massages again.

  13. Thank you for the tip. I have been using extra lotion on my neck and the back of my hands-now I will try to remember this. It does feel good (of course I did it while reading your post!!)

  14. I never would have thought of that. My massage therapist does massage my ears a bit at the end of a session and it feels wonderful. Guess I need to add this to my regimen.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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