Monday, August 9, 2010


I’ve been 'being’ lately. Not spending so much time on the computer and only doing what I have to around the house (which seems to take up much of my two days off work per week anyway, even without added decluttering). I’ve been immersing myself in stories – mostly books, but a bit of tv too. Sometimes you just need to do that.

One of life’s greatest pleasures is a good story. I remember loving books as a child – Doghouse for Sale, The Rabbit’s Wedding, Pippi Longstocking, The Bobbsey Twins, Little House on the Prairie and many more. For a while (late teens, and my twenties) I thought I was above stories and declared I only read non-fiction. The good times I denied myself!

Nowadays I read plenty of non-fiction (and it’s not all French-themed) but always have a fiction book on the go. I am reading Emily Giffin’s latest ‘Heart of the Matter’ which is such an enjoyable read. She has written four books before this one. When I came across the first one by her I immediately ordered the following three from the library. She is a very talented ‘real’ chick-lit writer and you really want to know what happens next with the characters.

On a square eyes note, my husband and I are watching the first series of Boston Legal on DVD, since we only came to it in the last couple of series. Every episode is a great story (or stories) and the writing is so clever.

I have also begun viewing the tv series after the mini-series The Starter Wife with Debra Messing. I read the book by Gigi Levangie Grazer initially, then the mini-series and now the tv series. It’s recorded on our hard drive dvd recorder so I’ve got a few up my sleeve. I hardly have any time for it but have committed to two episodes per week, at lunchtime on my day off.

It’s so enjoyable how stories get into your mind and your psyche, and you remember the characters almost as real people. And going back to favourite stories is like visiting an old friend. It’s incredible the power of words strung together in a certain order.

One day I hope to publish a story of my own. It’s been brewing for years. I really admire Kristi for getting going and actually writing the thing.

One of my favourite simple pleasures is reading a book before I go to sleep. Because I have done it for so long, even if I’m really, really tired I have to read at least one page or I can’t fall to sleep.

What are your absolute all-time favourite books to read?


  1. hi fiona,

    i love to read right before bed also. my fav book of all time is the catcher in the rye.

    but i love to read bukowski. he is one of my favorite authors. don't judge!


  2. Fiona,

    I love that you are just "being". It's good to decompress now and then. We had a lazy day on Saturday and it was wonderful to allow myself to just hang out, take the dogs for a walk, and watch a movie with the family. There was no productivity going on yesterday and I liked it that way.

    I don't have a favorite book. I'm too fickle. Currently, I'm interested in books about chic French women, overeating and writing. Two months ago, I was into India, Africa and World War II....go figure.


  3. I love romance novels and read a ton of 'em!

    Now that I have a Kindle, I read 2-3 at a time bouncing back and forth between them.

    In college, I used to hide them behind my textbooks and read. As a reporter, I even took one along to monitor a riot in Miami (in case things got slow).

    I liked Emily Giffin's 'Something Borrowed' the best. I have 'Heart of the Matter', but haven't read it yet.

    One of my all-time favorites is Sophie Kinsella's 'The Undomestic Goddess'.

  4. My favorite children's books had to do with fairy tales like Cinderella or a story about ballerinas. I loved stuff like that. I too have ventured into the world of non fiction a lot and it's nice to get back to fiction. Recently I've been enamored with historical fiction. There's a trilogy on Josephine Bonaparte that is fantastic and Phillipa Gregory's books are so enthralling. It brings history to life for me and I get very wrapped up in them. I'm in a book club now that chooses books I would not normally read, mostly popular current best sellers but it's been interesting to branch out.

  5. Janet, you are a fascinating person. I am intrigued to read one of Charles Bukowski's books now. I have also been reading through classics not previously read, The Catcher in the Rye is on my list. Merci for your thoughts.

    Adrienne, it's healthy to read vastly different genres for a different point of view. My French books like you have described are a constant, going alongside my current reading material. I love them.

    Phyllis, welcome and thank you for your comment. Your riot story is so funny. I, too love Sophie Kinsella. Her stories are madcap (there's no other word), hilarious and touching. There's not much chick-lit you laugh out loud at. My husband still remembers when I read her Shopaholic series one after the other - I just sat there laughing, with tears running down my face, mop up and carry on.

    Your new book looks like a great story. I have just requested our library purchase it. I love a good makeover and if it involves a charm school so much the better.

    Stephanie, such a romantic. I am one too. I haven't really read any historial fiction but now I want to. Merci.

  6. Favorite book(s) of all time? At the risk of sounding cliche, I would have to say the following:
    Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Eyre
    Anne of Green Gables series
    Gone With Wind (I didn't ever care for the movie because of Scarlett's character but the book explains her better)
    Little House on the Prairie (a couple of winters ago I re-read them for the first time as an adult--totally different experience. What a HARD life!)

    Fiona, may I suggest an epic for you to read since you love everything French as much as I do? It's historical fiction--so based on actual events and people, "Desiree". I loved it!

  7. Jeanne Marie, thank you for your comment and also for your list of favourites. I admit, I've not read many of them, even though I have quite a few on my shelves. I think I have to commit to interspersing my classics with the latest library ones. They are not cliches - everyone rates them for a reason!

    I've not read much epic/historical fiction, but will have a look at the one you recommend. I might find a whole new genre to branch out into!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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