Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Peaceful Bedroom

I did a mini-makeover on our bedroom a couple of nights ago. After reading about bedroom feng shui I was itching to change things around a little and have a good clean. Here’s what I did:

- Moved the bed here and there (so I could get under it), and vacuumed just about every loop of carpet in the room, and the corners and edges. That always ‘feels’ nice afterwards.
- Moved some containers of books which were behind the door to another room.
- Removed a few things from under the bed so there are now three containers at the foot end (containing hair dryer and GHDs etc, scarves and bags).
- Pinned up a canopy of natural coloured fabric above our bed.
- Put away the browsing/boudoir books that were stacked on my bedside table. Now only my current reading book is there. My browsing books are all on our main book shelf in the living room.

Our bedroom is pretty much as I want it, given the constraints of the room and the fact we live in a rental property. I’m so thankful the entire house is painted a soft off-white, including the ceilings and beams. It gives a very fresh look so we have a good blank canvas.

Anyone who knows even a tiny bit about feng shui knows beams are not good news, and especially beams above the bed. We also have a slanted ceiling on two sides in both bedrooms. Slanted ceilings and beams are not good separately let alone together.

The slanted ceilings 'press' down on you as you sleep and the beams ‘chop’ into you. I decided to create a canopy over our bed which still doesn’t make the situation ideal, but helps out somewhat.

I may have a look at getting some white, filmy, cotton muslin instead if it doesn't cost too much. I think this would look lovely and airy draped across most of the width of the ceiling. I could almost pretend I was India Hicks living her idyllic island life.

Being the shrewish wife that I am, I made my husband drag home the stepladder from work and then found I could achieve what I wanted to by standing on the bed. Thankfully he stowed the stepladder in our car the next morning without saying a word.

With excess possessions removed, a good spring-cleaning and the billowy canopy our bedroom feels new and fresh, and like the retreat from the world that it should be.


  1. Wow. I like the fabric over the bed. You are motivating me to take a fresh look at things. I've got this curtain rod that needs to be adjusted in my bedroom and it's been driving me nuts for quite some time. I need to just get in there and fix it.

  2. hi fiona,

    i love a white, spare bedroom. i go to friends homes and love the way they decorate with lots of color and junk but i could never live with it. lord knows i've tried.

    i think the drape is a brilliant solution to the beams. it makes the bed look very special spot.


  3. Fiona, your room looks so chic, simple, and peaceful. I try to keep our bedroom simple, and free of clutter, although sometimes things find a way into the room. You've now motivated me to move the bed and to get up the dust and cat hair that has accumulated under there!

  4. Fiona,

    I'm pretty sure that's the most taut bed spread I've ever seen. I'll bet you could easily bounce a quarter off your bed. It look so crisp, clean and inviting.

    Our boudoir has way too much 'stuff' in it - books, Eiffel Tower figurines everywhere, dog beds and toys. Janet would not dig it!

    I like the fabric addition and I love seeing your special pillow that you posted about a few months back. From your grandmother, if I recall correctly.

  5. We also have issues with sloped ceilings in the bedroom and we have limited options on placing the bed so it had to go under the slope. We even had to put an old bookcase behind the headboard to bring it forward since it wouldn't fit under the slope it's so low!

    I've been thinking for a while now about getting a mosquito netting style of canopy to put over our bed, hoping that it might make it look a little better. You've just brought that idea off the back burner and I'll have to give it more serious thought.

  6. I love the cozy feel of your have done a lot to improve the way you feel about your space without spending a lot of money.
    I have no closet doors in my bedroom so I put up a rod and hung white tab top curtains to "hide our clothing" it is not perfect but it works for now.

  7. Stephanie, things like the curtain rod are not good feng shui. They drain your energy every time you have to deal with them. That doesn't mean we fix things straight away though, does it? No, we wait until we really have a bee in our bonnet and then do it all in a mad fit.

    Janet, I dream of your white, spare bedroom. Our bed does feel more luxurious with the drape above.

    Cherie, I find that too. Within a few months I will have to revisit the bedroom because items do have a habit of walking around by themselves. I'm ashamed to say I did find a little bit of cat hair under the bed and our beloved girl died in January.

    Adrienne, I am loving using a bedspread more than a duvet cover. You just can't get a 'crisp coating' with a duvet cover.

    I have hardly any surfaces in the bedroom so this limits how much stuff gets displayed, but I like the sound of Eiffel Towers. And dog beds of course. I would be very happy with dog beds in the room. We used to have a mini-sheepskin at the end of the bed for Rosie-cat. I'm sad that it's away in the cupboard now (washed and waiting for our next family member, we plan to adopt two rescue cats after Christmas).

    Jackie, our ceiling is similar, but the beams stop about 2-3 foot from the ground. We still end up with an empty space behind the bed. The mosquito net could look nice. The feng shui articles I read said fabric that was natural (like cotton) and opaque was best for 'beam protection' but try what you've got first and see how it feels.

    Hostess, good idea with the wardrobe curtains. It will protect your clothing from sun damage and is soothing on the eyes (looking at a uniform white rather than all your garments hanging up).

  8. You have achieved a beautiful environment! A bedroom, unlike the rest of our home, is supposed to create a relaxed and peaceful feeling. I used to do most of my "office" work in my bedroom. It became difficult to sleep and other "bedroom activities".

    Your room is so "spa-like". Perhaps antique mirrors to broaden the room if you are feeling hemmed in. I think it is lovely and cozy!

  9. Debra, so true. Not a piece of paperwork or a tv is allowed near our bedroom. Talk about passion killers!

    I love 'spa-like' rooms so I am very happy you see my bedroom that way. Merci!

  10. Thanks Lyn. I felt quite artistic with all the pinning and draping. It was fun.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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