Saturday, July 17, 2010

Week 8 Update

I feel like a bit of a fraud this week. My blog should be called 'how to be chic - not' or 'how to not be chic' or 'how to be unchic'. I've been backsliding into potato chips and gained a kilo since my first post. And the past few days I've had a horrid headache that even painkillers can't budge. I try and fix it with food (sensible, I know) and eat stuff I think will make it go away. Hot chips with aioli doesn't help and neither do fruit jelly sweets apparently.

Beating myself up about it isn't going to do much good but I hope to be more successful with a chic diet so I have something more upbeat to report next week. If I can't do a better job I may have to knock my weekly updates on the head for the time being. Feeble excuses week after week are not that inspirational.

My exterior decor is chic though. I feel well-dressed today in black fitted shirt with lilac singlet top underneath, my new flare-dy jeans and black leather heeled boots, french twist hair, pearls and pink lip gloss.

I attended my third yoga class and while I felt good afterwards, it wasn't as enjoyable during. It was hard! At one point I felt like my shoulders and arms were going to snap off, like the vampire fight scene in Eclipse. All for a good cause though, and I'm looking forward to becoming more flexible and stronger week by week.

Tomorrow I plan to start The Great Wardrobe Declutter of 2010. Perhaps a good bout of decluttering can distract me from junque food consumption.


  1. It's okay to have moments where you feel less than chic. You will get back on the course you desire. Yoga will get easier (or so I hear)! Good luck with the wardrobe decluttering.

  2. Fiona,

    I find the more I focus on not eating junk, the more junk I eat. I think distraction helps but so does letting yourself indulge in what you crave - allowing yourself just a little serving.
    You are gorgeous in your photo and, from what I can tell from thousands of miles away, you have an equally beautiful soul. That's what really matters.


  3. Thanks Kalee, I need to hear that today.

  4. Thanks Adrienne for the encouragement. You are right, the more I think 'don't eat crap, don't eat crap', I eat crap. You are very sweet.

  5. This is a good honest weekly update. It's not the end and you will get to your goal. Love those cheekbones of yours in your picture!

  6. I'm going to have to confirm the thought mentioned by Adrienne and Ping that the more you think about not eating junk food, the more you eat. When it's on your mind all the time it just happens. This happens to me all the time. I don't think you have derailed anything, You can hop back on anytime you like.

    I'm going to have to do another lipstick post, you pushed me to finish my de-clutter yesterday and I did with lipsticks what I hope to do with my wardrobe.

  7. I've recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying it. I'm also on a self-improvement journey so can very much relate to your struggles. I'm trying to focus on replacing bad habits with good, rather than telling myself what I can't do. What I do is set a positive intention, such as I'm going to snack on healthful carrots and hummus today, instead of I can't have chips today.

    And keep up with the yoga. Don't push yourself beyond what you feel comfortable with as yoga is all about doing what works for you.

  8. strange that your lipstick comment (decluttering to one liptstick) had such an effect on people. I got rid of all but 6 favorite colors yesterday. I threw away one that I had paid $18 to own. It was a bad color for me.
    Don't be so hard on yourself. Your journey is an inspiration for many. Keep up the good work.

  9. Sometimes a girl needs some salty chips to make her feel better. You are beautiful and we have all have ups and downs. I'm impressed that you are doing yoga, tres chic!

  10. You are certainly not alone in having "unchic" moments! My moment last week of devouring an entire package of imported English cookies (custard creams, yum), was decidedly unchic!! I also do something similar when I don't feel well ... I'm sure chocolate cures everything, well I keep trying to prove it anyway. ;o)

    And I have to agree with the idea that the more you tell yourself you can't have something (custard cream cookie) the more you just have to have it. I seem to set myself up for failure sometimes.

    But neither of us can berate ourselves about that, we have to start a new day and carry on.

    And yes, your exterior sounds wonderfully chic. I'm assuming that a "singlet" is like a little tank top or camisole?

  11. hi fiona,

    i will echo what everyone here is saying. you are beautiful inside and out and a package of chips isn't going to change that. i am going to do a post soon on the importance of the nutritive value of the thoughts we put in heads in conjuntion with the nutritive value of the food we put in our bodies. i truly believe the 2 are connected.

    have a wonderful saturday love!


  12. Wow, I am absolutely floored at the lovely comments. A nicer group of ladies I couldn't imagine. Thank you all.

    Maybe when we feel most like a failure is when we need the support of others. I don't know about you, but that's when I retreat to the sofa with icecream(s).

    Focusing on a good habit, thinking positive, doing something constructive and creative - those are all better options.

    Ping, thank you!

    Stephanie, you are such a decluttering inspiration to me. I will be channelling you today.

    Cherie, welcome, and thank you. Your idea is a good one. I do work within my limits at yoga, the shoulder one was just quite hard. Merci for your concern!

    Dot, this is huge! Well done! Remembering what you paid for something always makes it harder to let go of. But catching sight of yourself in an unflattering lipstick colour is worse. You are wise for recognising that.

    J, if salty potato chips were a complete food group I would be in heaven. I actually do feel chic doing yoga, and especially afterwards when it makes me a couple of inches taller.

    Jackie, I'm sure what we eat, like your English custard creams which sound delicious, are to take us back to good times. We recreate them and remember fondly. Like for you, being back in England.

    When my Nana was still alive, if you went to her house after 5pm, or when visiting my Aunty and Uncle, after 5pm the brandy and gingerale would come out for everyone, and some potato chips too. I like the comfort I get from that, I just will have to like it occasionally, and not every night. Maybe pick Saturday night for that tradition. It just reminds me of my Nana, and spending quite a fun hour with my family, chatting about all sorts of different things. It's a very social time.

    Thank you Janet, your post idea sounds really interesting and I am keen to read it. Your writing style is very relaxed, breezy and caring.

  13. Jackie, yes by singlet top I mean a stretch camisole or tank top with thin straps (which I wouldn't wear by itself as it's quite clingy) underneath my shirt. It adds a layer of warmth and a bit of colour.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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