Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 7 Update

Now I know why people go on about yoga. It's so good. I admit I've only attended two classes so far, but they have both been wonderful. It's strenuous and relaxing all at the same time, and after the class I feel like I've had the biggest and best stretch of my life.

I also feel taller, leaner and longer. I am seriously thinking about going twice a week, and maybe doing my own practice at home. I'll want to learn the positions correctly first though, no point in practising at home the wrong way.

When I thought about going twice a week I considered that it will a bit of an outlay, every week. The frugal side of me said this. But really, I would spend the amount of the cost of a class on other, less worthy things without a second thought. I need to get my priorities straight.

I love every part of my class, even the bits that hurt a little (like stretching beyond my comfort zone, or holding a pose for a while). The final ten minutes is worth getting to: you lie on your back with a bolster under your knees, warmly tucked up in blankets and with a rice-filled eyemask on while the teacher takes us through a relaxing meditation. It is simply bliss.

And in other breaking news, the french twist hairstyle has me in its grip. I simply cannot stop wearing my french twist/sheer soft-red lipstick/pearls combo. I am hoping people won't mistake me for a dotty old English duchess, fallen on hard times and living in denial, going around all grand in her pearls and chignon (whilst really working in a shoe shop with jeans on every day).

There's not much to report foodwise. I have been enjoying good, real food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and always a salad with lunch. But I have been having unchic snacks at drinks hour sometimes. What can I say, I'm relaxed about it right now. C'est la vie.

I did have a thought the other day, and it was quite an exciting one. What if I stayed the same weight I am now, for the rest of my life. If I didn't try to lose anything and just relaxed. I would still focus on chic eating and healthiness, and walk and do yoga, but for enjoyment and not weight loss.

It is actually quite a thrilling proposition.


  1. hi fiona,

    i love that you are embracing yoga. i attribute it to helping me age well. i'm not kidding.

    also i think your philosophy about eating healthfully and exercising is the way to go. being obsessed about one's weight is the worse way to live.

    i love your writing voice.


  2. Fiona,

    Your post makes me want to give yoga another try. I've been so inflexible and tight lately. I'm sure it would only help with that.

    I think I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago about a book called "Mindless Eating" by Brian Wansink. He writes about the psychology of eating mindlessly and gives the reader some invaluable tips. For example, try eating your meals with a smaller plate or bowl. And only eat one serving, putting the rest away instead of leaving it out on the stove.

    I have lost weight since reading his book and have noticed that my behavior towards food has changed as well.

    We all know how easy a couple of pounds can sneak up on us without our knowledge. Well, why can't that work in reverse? Why can't we lose a couple of pounds without killing ourselves (intense workouts, calorie or carb counting, obsessing over every morsel).

    I think you are on the right track with relaxing about your weight and just being good to yourself!


  3. Janet, in the photos I have seen, you are youthful, vibrant and slender. That's all the encouragement I need to keep up with yoga. That, and it feels so amazing...

    Thank you for your comment on my writing. It's made my morning.

    Adrienne, thanks for the reminder about the book. I have just ordered it at the library. With meals, I always serve up what we are going to eat, and immediately portion out the second serving for another night (if it's a recipe I have doubled like casserole).

    I could do the same with snacks. Put out a small piece of cheese, the amount I plan to eat, with crackers, or pour a small bowl of chips and put the bag away. If I'm going to have them anyway, good snack management systems are what I need.

    I would definitely recommend you try yoga again. Maybe try a different place. I like that I have been going to a small, friendly, suburban, non-fancy yoga studio rather than a big, city, expensive, flashy one with people who will look me up and down!

  4. Your last post about yoga got me thinking about trying it again, now you've made me think again. The only problem I'd have is that I have bad knees at the moment and while getting down on the floor is difficult, getting up is even harder! It's summer here and classes don't start again until September. I'll look arond for something then.

    I love your philosophy about eating, but in order to be successful it would have to be mindful eating. I struggle with that one. I've just started a book called Women, Food and God (meaning something spiritual, whatever God means to the individual). I've heard good things about it, so we'll have to see. I might look into the book that Adrienne mentioned as well.

    And I have to add this comment: a French twist, lipstick and pearls can look great with jeans as well! I'm sure you are looking wonderful and chic as you go about your day.


  5. That last thought is one that I think is so important. As long as you are being healthy and taking care of yourself, it shouldn't be about weight. Life is too short to focus on something that too often stresses us out.

  6. Jackie, I'm sorry about your knees. Can you go for a walk? Would that strengthen them? You would want good supportive shoes.

    Yes, not dieting doesn't give me carte blanche to be a piglet. I have struggled with that too. Quitting the Weight Watchers way entirely has definitely helped though.

    Kalee, definitely. And doesn't the stress hormone cortisol make you put on weight? It's a double whammy, worrying about being overweight making you fatter...


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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