Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you, chic friend!
On New Year's Eve we opened a very special bottle of champagne that we received as a gift some years back.

It's not many times in life that we'll have a bottle this fine, so we thoroughly enjoyed it, served in our Waterford flutes, of course!

The flutes were also a gift, from my mum for our birthday this year (my husband Paul's and my birthday is on the same day in October, but we're one year apart). Thank you Jo, we love them!

And of course, keeping it real, the laundry is hanging in the background of this photo, haha. I couldn't not take advantage of a summery day to dry some washing!

We have created our home and our lifestyle to have a resort feeling, that way we can pretend we're on holiday but still have all the comforts of home. And, the pets can come too!

Apart from our three dogs, we also have a sweet cat. My darling Nina is a good age now - 13 this year at a guess. I adopted her and her mother Jessica from a cat shelter when Jess was a teen mum :) Jessica is no longer with us, she died a year ago, but Nina is still going strong. She has slowed down over the past few months and sleeps more but overall is very vibrant, active and healthy. We call her ‘Kitten’ because she is perpetually youthful.


I love these LED candles so much. They don’t blow out when we use them outside, and the leftover wax from real candles gives them a little something extra I think.

They each take 2 x AAA batteries which last for aaaaggggeeesss too. Yay!

Who’s excited for the New Year? It’s so fun to dream of 2024 and all the plans and goals. Fun, gentle, and enjoyable plans and goals that is :)

It’s such an effervescent time of the year too. I hope your New Year's Eve was relaxing and fun, and that you got to do something special as well. 
xx Fiona

PS. My latest book '100 Ways to Be a Chic Success and Create Your Dream Life' is perfect for New Year's inspiration. Order your copy today - in Kindle/eBook or paperback, and create a happy time for yourself :) My motto is to always make things fun and enjoyable, and setting goals is no different.

(My Amazon link is affiliate, which means I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at 
no extra cost to you. Thank you if you choose to use my links!)

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  1. I used to love hanging my clothes out on the line, especially the sheets. That is one thing I really miss about my former home, my big clothesline!

    I do love your LED candles. The real wax is really genius!

    I am enjoying making my Vision Board (and book) for 2024. I finally found some pictures I had cut out from before my move. Have to find some new ones, too.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR’S, to you and Paul!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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