Thursday, February 9, 2023

Summer sun and a full moon

Monday was a public holiday here in New Zealand and it turned out to be a warm sunny day, perfect to enjoy an off-leash dog park walk.

‘Fun for the whole family’ as they say, and F R E E! I love having no-spend days!

The doggies loved it too and all had big drinks when we got home. Daphne and Chloe were too nervous to use the drinking station at the park (I know, so scary) and Micky was too busy swimming in the muddy stream (probably had a nice big drink there...) So it was bath time for him when we got home!

In other exciting news this week, we had a beautiful full moon. In person it was a huge shining golden disc.

I am interested in learning more about the moon phases and the weather. It all seems to be right there in front of us to ‘read’.

I used to use my dad’s binoculars as a child to see the craters on the moon and it fascinated me.

If you are an astrology believer the moon is the second most important sign in your chart after your sun sign (I am 99% sure this is correct, if you are an astrologer please chime in :)

A short after-dinner doggie stroll is one of my favourite things about summer. It is just so refreshing to be outside after dinner.

And then to be greeted with such lunar beauty - magical!

I trust you are having a magical week too.

See you next week!

xx Fiona

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  1. What a lovely day! I love that something simple like a sunny day at the dog park can make us so happy. I recently downloaded this app, which is free and follows the moon phases: "Moon Phases and Lunar Calendar."

  2. In the US we are seeing news stories about a cyclone affecting New Zealand. Hope you are safe!

    1. We are safe thank you but it has been devastating. I will not be posting for quite a few weeks I imagine. Thank you for checking in!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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