Thursday, October 13, 2022

New spring clothes for moi, and my journal organizing tips

Hey everyone! I bought two new spring tops last week and they made me feel so happy and cheerful!

This one is slightly silky and the other is a light weight knit. Something I love about having a wardrobe that is not too big is that I can buy new items without guilt.

I hope you are having fun choosing some new season items whether they are for autumn or spring. Let me know what you’ve got lately!
Obviously I am having ongoing problems with Jessica and my journaling time!! She loves to help 😂

A lovely reader wrote to me with her dilemma:

“How do you organize your notes, research, ideas, journal entries, etc? I find that, when I am doing some journal writing, I often get ideas for seasonal projects, or something I want to research, or a product I want to find. All my notes end up in my journal and unorganized. In order to find a note I waste a lot of time digging through journal pages. My favorite method to capture thoughts is in writing, with pen and paper. How do you keep your notes and ideas separate, but organized, and easily retrievable?”

I thought this was such a great question, and I actually have a loose system I use. Keeping different things in only a few places is what works for me. For example, I have:

:: A daily journal that I write in every week. I date the page and write my current inspiration or brainstorm inspiring ways to upgrade an idea of my life that I want to work on.

:: The same kind of document on my computer which I call ‘Fiona’s Journal’. When I am more in the mood to type my inspiration, I use that. I also date each entry here.

Mostly I use the ‘one journal’ system. I don’t have tons of journals because then I really would get into a mess. If I want to look back over my notes, I can generally find what I want. It’s more inspiring for me to have everything in together 😊

Something else I do which is separate to journals, is to save inspiration snippets into folders on Pinterest. Often these are private folders just to house certain topics. You could even photograph notes to put there so everything is saved all together, and you can access it at home or out.

I hope this helps, and if you have any tips on what works well for you, please chime in too!

I took this photo the other day because it was so icy here : 4 deg C (39 F) at breakfast time. Can you see the snow on the distant hills? It was a beautiful day though, it always is with a frost or near-frost.

It's Friday here tomorrow and I often join my mother and aunt in town. They always meet up on Fridays for lunch, and when my grandmother was alive the three of them would - it's a tradition that has lasted decades!

My uncle called it 'the triangle lunch' and if someone else like me went along it became a square.

When it was just my aunt and mother we called it a straight line.

But when I'm there it is a triangle again! I find all the shapes funny and cute, but it's also just part of the family vernacular now.

And I've been writing this week. My next book is shaping up nicely, and I have the cover saved as wallpaper on my computer. It is SUCH a beautiful cover, I love it. I just can't show you yet sorry because I want it to be fresh with the book :)

Whatever your day brings, I trust it will be fabulous. And if it's not, see how you can bring a sparkle into it. You have the power!
xx Fiona
PS. You can find all my books on Amazon here or through the images below 😊


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  1. This comment is quite delayed, but I wanted to share an idea with your reader regarding her dilemma in organizing notes & ideas. I am also a paper/pencil girl & was also frustrated by never being able to find the good ideas I had jotted down. I then signed up for an Evernote account where I'm able to create folders with labels such as "Home", " Garden", "Books to Read" & then keep the associated idea within that folder. I use the free version of Evernote & it is perfect for my simple needs. It has really made my life so much easier!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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