Thursday, July 21, 2022

Weekend fun

Hi chic friends!
We had such an action packed weekend just gone. On Saturday we went on a fun mini-road-trip. We decided to go for lunch in a 'nearby' tourist town (90 minutes drive away).

It was icy cold but it is at home too, so not much difference. There was lots of snow on the mountains - you can see them behind me!

The doggies LOVE going in the car, so they enjoyed snuggling into their cozy blankets in their big canvas crate and going for a trip with mum and dad :) Plus a walk around the town but that was a bit scary for them. So many people they didn't know!

We planned to go to a cafe for lunch but then walked past an Indian restaurant and the mouth-watering curry smell drew us in (the doggies stayed in the car). A yummy curry and rice was just the ticket on a cold day and we only needed a small dinner that night!

And then on Sunday, we had a family lunch at my aunty and uncle's on Sunday and everyone brought their dogs as per usual... talk about a crazy scene!

From left to right, my sister's dog Angus, resident corgi Henry, my brother's dog Micky, and Chloe and Daphne resplendent in their new ladybird harnesses, complete with detachable wings for when they want to be a little less 'extra' :)

My sister, in the tartan pants, was holding a bag of dog treats and trying to share them out equally, that's why all eyes are on her...

We counted that there were six dogs vs nine people. That's too many dogs, surely!

Anyway, we all had a lovely time, and there were no doggy dust-ups. Everyone was very well behaved, phew!
xx Fiona

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