Tuesday, September 14, 2021

September Update

My sister made me a beautiful - silk! - mask to wear when I need to.
Dear chic friends,

I have received some messages of concern – “where are you!” and I am sorry to have caused worry for any of you.  I am perfectly well, and don’t have the covid or anything like that.  I am just naturally quite a shy person, and sometimes don’t find it natural to be online all the time.

In a perfect world I would wrap myself up in my book writing and only pop out to say, ‘There’s a new one here!’ then scurry back into my tucked-in little nest.  But life is not like that, is it?  We all have to get out of our comfort zone and be present.

I have been writing yes, and have a new book that is currently in the editing process.  I’ve also been having a lot of thinking time, and wondering what new projects I want to do next.  I have also been considering just how my future plans fit into how I like to work best.  Also, I’ve been doing a lot of journaling and private self-development work which feels indulgent, but heck, why not.  Just writing in a notebook and seeing what comes out.  It’s free and fun and yields fascinating results.

We are coming out of winter here in New Zealand, and it’s nice to feel that spring is just around the corner.  Today is a deliciously drizzly day – so cozy!  Our country is currently in lockdown, not so bad where I live, but our biggest city – Auckland – is fully locked down and has been for many weeks.  We ‘only’ had 2-3 weeks of full lockdown here by comparison.

I sincerely hope you are well and happy, and wish you the best of the new season whether you are going into spring or autumn.  And I will continue on with my next book and hopefully have it ready for you soon!

~~ Fiona ~~

PS.  You can find all of my books here on Amazon.  I’m not surprised that ‘The Peaceful Life’ has been my most popular book since it came out.  We could all use some soothing at the moment as our worldwide phenomena rolls on.  But for many places there is light, so we cling to that.  xx



  1. I'm a new fan and loving every word and sweet expression! Thank you for popping out of your nest every so often to delight us before scurrying back to the quiet safety of your workshop. Thank you for breathing life into my Paris girl. Merci!

  2. Nice to see you pop up in my e-mail again! I hope you haven't abandoned the idea of another audio book. I can't count how many times I have listened to your Thirty Chic Days. It's calming and inspiring. Please consider doing another book. Stay well!

    1. I want to! I cannot have them available in Audible yet sadly because only certain countries are supported and New Zealand is not one of them, but I'll definitely add them to my eStore and then I'll be ready when Audible does come online for me!

      For anyone who doesn't know my eStore, it's here:

  3. Love your tres chic mask, Fiona. Lovely to read another post from you xxxxx

  4. Wonderful to hear from you, Fiona! We're not in lockdown here in western Canada but things have seriously tightened up again as infections climb, with government-mandated mask laws & vaccination "passport" requirements in place. It's tedious but necessary.

    My husband said something the other day that I've been thinking about ever since: that this past year & a half has been a chance for many of us to reset ourselves. And not just "reset", but revise, rethink, re-invent, reassess, renew, relax, revitalize. He & I retired early 3 years ago to spend more time together & while being in lockdown due to a global pandemic was NOT what we'd planned, it has slowed us down & given us time we now realize we needed to clarify what we want to do next. I love reading how other people are also doing the whole "life reassessment" thing & what changes they're making & how being knocked out of our routines & ruts is helping us make positive changes we might never have otherwise made. I get teased about my Pollyanna personality, but I really do think you can find a silver lining (even if slightly tarnished)in every cloud :-)

    Stay well and enjoy your spring weather. We're careening into fall with wild abandon here, blazing sun one day & buckets of rain the next (much needed; half the country's been on fire this summer).

    1. I so agree with you Susanne, I don't think my husband Paul and I have ever talked so much about future lifestyle plans as we have in the past 18 months!

  5. Hi Fiona, I've just finished reading 30 Chic Days Vol 3 and really enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed the references you made to the seasons, seasonal films, seasonal outings, seasonal meals etc. You have mentioned the season again in this update. It amuses me sometimes because I am in England and our seasons are opposite to yours. I know you have already done How To Be Chic in Winter, but have you thought of doing How To Be Chic season by Season?


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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