Friday, February 19, 2021

Living a simple life offline


Hello chic friends :)

I am nearing completion of my next book - it's a big one so is taking a little longer.  Thirty Chic Days. Vol 3 is almost here!  I had the whole of January off from writing, and started back again this month.  It has been nice to step away from the online world and I would thoroughly recommend it if you find you feel overwhelmed by 'everything' out there.

There is something about being present in your own 'real life' that grounds and settles your heart.  It's been something I've been thinking about a lot.  I'd be interested in hearing your perspective - do you feel happier and more content when you spend more time in your own life rather than being sidetracked into the online world?  Even if there are lots of lovely people online too - not just influencers :)

The kinds of things I've been doing are all related to slow living:

Preparing our meals at home with time and intention
Decluttering our home - I have been enjoying Dawn at The Minimal Mom's videos
Going for walks outside with the doggies - not even listening to anything, just enjoying nature
Writing, of course!
Hanging laundry outside and folding it when it's dry
Picking the deadheads off my favourite red-orange geraniums
Keeping in touch with family and friends (including travel within New Zealand)
Playing around in my wardrobe and creating new outfits

Basically pottering around and looking at all the ways I can simplify.  I forget that it's not just a one-time thing.  We will always have new items and requests on our time coming in, and we have to also let some things out.  I feel better when my life is more simple.  It settles the mind and helps with my habit of overthinking.  It feels peaceful and gentle.  And grounded.

Sometimes things are just in our life because they are there, and we forget that we can take a look at everything critically.  We have a choice.  At the end of our life are we going to look back and think, 'I made everyone else happy and left myself a frazzled husk'?  I know I am being overdramatic here but it's true.  We can only give to others when we give to ourselves.

I hope you are safe, well and happy where you are.  All my best to you, and I will see you soon with my next book!

xx Fiona



  1. Wonderful post. This what I aspire to be.
    Thank you. I plan to bur some of your books.
    Take care.
    mary wyatt

  2. Good to "see" you again! Thanks for the self-care reminder - frazzled husk is not a good look for me! -Sharon

  3. OH Fiona! You are hearing my screams from Fl! I have been feeling JUST like too much overload and too much of everything social/digital/tech. I work from home, and use two monitors for my job..between that, and phone, emails, notices, texts...I am exhausted. I am such an introvert and it all feels so invasive, almost a sense of being under attack. That sounds dramatic, but to my raw senses, this describes it perfectly.
    I feel so exposed. Like they all want a part of my soul! No kidding! Truly good timing on this post. I yearn for quiet, for just think! And... to just BE. There is no easy answer. I am trying to pick moments from my day to be quiet, and a day with no bluescreen/or tv...but this is difficult when I don't live alone. I am trying to being firm with my yoga, my meditation, and my deep breathing. Trying to stay grounded, but it falls short most days. I must try, though, for my own wellness and mental health. Thank you for this post..I am not alone! :)

  4. Hi Fiona,
    I have never taken a whole month off from being online. I think the most has been 10-14 days when I look at the last 4-5 years. I try to have one day per week with no technology (this includes texting). I do better without all the external stimulus for sure. I have decided I am going to try something called the Bullet Journal. It is done in an actual notebook with pen or pencil. It looks like a great tool for grounding myself away from technology and living with intention. I love your books and blog! Thank you.

    1. Pen & paper are a spiritual journey to your heart.Do start & see

  5. Fiona, I have been on the same wavelength as you, about living life without so much Internet. I'm actually nostalgic for life as it was before Internet. I feel that Internet is somehow not good for our brains.
    Lisa, that's interesting about bullet journaling--I think I'll give it a try!

  6. Cutting down on my internet time is something I have to be aware of daily. Although I do love it reading blogs, looking at photos, etc it's easy to get too "sucked in." I give myself an hour max of computer time, then I have to move on with one of my other hobbies. I love journaling & books for this reason. If I get an urge to jump on Pinterest or Instagram, I'll open one of my coffee table or non-fiction books instead. I've also started an "inspiration journal" where I paste photos, clippings, etc, which is a great alternative.

    Phones and other gadgets aren't an issue for me thankfully, and any notifications are always turned off - way too noisy and invasive. My in law's just recently purchased an "Alexa" which totally weirds me out, ha!

  7. Fiona,
    Have you and yours been physically affected by the earthquake? I do hope you're all right. If possible, please let us know. Praying for your safety.


    1. I am fine! All good here. Thanks so much for checking in ☺️

  8. Looking forward to your next book. I do hope that soon we will get another audio book to listen to. Your voice is lovely and calming.

  9. Really looking forward for the release of your new book.❤


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